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Content Management for eCommerce

  • Understand eCommerce CMS better
  • Recognize the differences between all-in-one suites and the best-of-breed solutions
  • Identify the right time to upgrade your CMS

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What's inside

This whitepaper explains what you should look for in an ideal eCommerce CMS, and helps you in making an informed decision.

Many problems that eCommerce businesses face today are directly related to the creation, distribution, and management of content.

This whitepaper explains how an eCommerce CMS adresses these content related issues:

  • Personalized omnichannel experience
  • Quick response to market trends
  • SEO and faster user experience
  • Cost reduction

Frequently asked questions

  • 01 Content Management for eCommerce

    In our introductory chapter, we give you a brief overview on content management for eCommerce businesses.

  • 02 Understanding eCommerce CMS

    In this chapter, we explain in detail what an ideal eCommerce CMS looks like. You will learn what distinguishes an eCommerce CMS from a generic system.

  • 03 “eCommerce Platforms” and the Case of All-In-One Suites

    Companies usually choose between two options, either an all-in-one suite or a best-of-breed solution. Here, we explain the difference between the two approaches.

  • 04 Evaluation Guide

    The second part of the whitepaper acts as a comprehensive evaluation guide for readers who are contemplating on settling on a new content strategy.

  • 05 CMS Comparison

    An easy-to-follow comparison between the traditional eCommerce CMS and the modern headless eCommerce CMS.

  • 06 Making the Move: Checklist & First Steps

    In the final chapter, you will find a guide that offers you a checklist and the first necessary moves, in case you are thinking of changing your content strategy.

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