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Unzer’s transformation for the modern finance age

  • Headquarters: Berlin, Germany
  • Technology: Netlify, NuxtJS & Astro

Unzer provides payment and commerce solutions to European merchants. Formed from a merger of 13 companies, Unzer’s unique profile covers the entire payment flow. In their rebranding, Unzer knew they needed a headless CMS to ease their frustrations. It was essential to have a system that could help translate their brand story online. Storyblok helps Unzer to simplify its go-to-market strategy.

1 Hour
Custom Component Build
1.5 months
Website Build Time
  • Quote from Ann-Sophie Sadeghian, Junior Marketing Associate at Unzer

    You can logically move inside Storyblok. As a user, the overall experience is very comfortable. You can go into the Visual Editor and see what your customers are seeing, and replicate across different pages and campaigns.

    Ann-Sophie Sadeghian
    Ann-Sophie Sadeghian
    Junior Marketing Associate at Unzer

Section titled Rebranding from PHP to headless

Unzer was going through a rebranding transition from its previous brand. Unzer used Typo3, which was based on PHP. They found it difficult to use and hard to manage as they had a lot of pages on their website. There was also a problem with usability, building frustrations across the team. Based on this, Unzer decided to switch to a headless CMS.

A screenshot of Unzer's retail website

Section titled Making content editing a simple experience

In 2020, partner agency SinnerSchrader recommended Storyblok to Unzer to start the redesign. Today, the brand uses Storyblok for its main website and shop (with contact forms). The company was able to rebrand and build from the ground up, making Storyblok their CMS of choice because of the following:

In the future, Unzer wants to use Storyblok for other websites they own, like Universum GmbH and Tillhub GmbH. They want to bring all their websites and products together in one place for easier management.

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