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Peak performance for employee management

Headquarters: Zoetermeer, the Netherlands
Technology stack: Next.js, BigCommerce, Amazon AWS

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TimeMoto offers convenient and flexible solutions to manage companies' workforces. The company decided to revamp their platform to better convey their brand identity. They achieved this in collaboration with Touchtribe. TimeMoto had concrete requirements for the new CMS. It had to be flexible and easy to customize. Additionally, they wanted it to be compatible with a future-proof storefront.

As a result of the partnership, TimeMoto got a new brand identity and a platform ready for the future. They used Storyblok to manage the website and connected it with BigCommerce. TimeMoto's platform restructuring was a remarkable success. The project resulted in a 94% in page accessibility and an impressive 92% in best practices. Finally, the website got a high 92% score on the SEO ratio.

  • Quote from Gert van Vliet, Managing Director, Touchtribe

    The way Storyblok differentiates between Stories and Blocks is very powerful in practice. In addition, it is very nice that it is possible to create a folder structure within the CMS, something that is certainly not standard in every headless CMS.

    Gert van Vliet
    Gert van Vliet
    Managing Director, Touchtribe

Section titled Creating a new home for TimeMoto Creating a new home for TimeMoto

TimeMoto used to be part of Safescan, a company that makes tools for managing employees. But, they realized they had their unique product and services. That's why they decided to be independent in their operations. For this reason, TimeMoto needed a separate digital platform. This decision brought upon the following challenges:

  • Creating an appealing and modern platform: Time Moto needed their own brand identity to be a genuine part of the conversation with clients.
  • Integrating a reliable technology stack: This approach would help manage the platform from different angles. Additionally, it would ensure the website's enhanced performance.
  • Customizable storefront implementation: TimeMoto needed a reliable storefront to drive better sales and enhance UX.
  • Internationalization: The company supports time management for B2B clients in different countries. Thus, finding a solution that could address factors like currency or VAT rules was essential.

Section titled Tailor-made storefront with BigCommerce & Storyblok Tailor-made storefront with BigCommerce & Storyblok

Storyblok enabled the company to build their website using future-proof technology architecture. In the beginning, they considered Prismic and Contentful. Yet, Storyblok was the perfect fit to fulfill TimeMoto's new digital landscape.

  • Touchtribe connected BigCommerce as an eCommerce layer. The solution ensured that new storefronts function without interfering with existing structures.
  • To build an agile website with flexible templates, the team leveraged Storyblok’s composable and reusable content structures.
  • TimeMoto’s content editors appreciated Storyblok’s Visual Editor. They could preview created storefronts immediately and had better control over the content.
  • Storyblok lets TimeMoto manage many languages in one place. To do so, they leveraged the built-in localization features. This made their international pages consistent.

TimeMoto's landing page

Section titled TimeMoto's international expansion TimeMoto's international expansion

TimeMoto was aware of different location-dependent factors. They needed to deal with such aspects as currency, VAT, and time-tracking rules. With Storyblok, they could show data that matches their clients' locations. This makes the user experience fit the local laws and needs. Today, TimeMoto's platform operates in 8 countries.

The company faced another major challenge. Handling tax and VAT calculations were hard to manage manually. The initial idea was to go for a hosted checkout. Touchtribe decided to go headless with the checkout as well. Thanks to this, they could meet all the requirements for tax calculations.

TimeMoto's webshop

Section titled Essential technologies provided by Storyblok Essential technologies provided by Storyblok

TimeMoto's marketers love Storyblok because it makes content creation easier. It was an excellent fit for the company's developers as well. Using Next.js for the front end made data access seamless and secure. The cloud platform, built on AWS, brings all data issues together in one digital location.

When a company uses eCommerce, it's vital to have the freedom to choose a digital landscape. In TimeMoto's case, it was a deciding factor why they chose Storyblok. Connecting BigCommerce was the most crucial project step. It let Touchtribe develop TimeMoto's marketplace, which made the company independent.

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