Field level translations

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In the past the only way of creating multi-language content was through a multi tree folder structure. As this still is a good practise for a lot of our customers we also got a lot of feedback from customers that have a different requirement.

That’s why we now offer an additional way to manage multiple languages in Storyblok.

Field level translations

Introducing “Field Level Translations”

With “Field Level Translations” you can now store multi-language content on the field level. This means you only need one content tree. A single tree stores each translation as a property under the same content item.

As long as your site content is very similar from one language to another, this is the best option. You will have fewer pages to manage and the system takes care of serving the correct language automatically.

Highlights about this new feature:

  • Manage all your content under a single content tree
  • Decide for each individual field if you want to activate translation
  • Easily copy the default language value to the translation
  • Quick-Jump to Google Translate

Read more at our documentation about internationalization.