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Hello Mirrors

Hello Mirrors is a creative solution company aiming to think about communication differently. While doing that with their products, like the Smart Mirror, they help companies to create solutions that will excite themselves, the employees, and the customer. Customers and partners that use Hello Mirrors smart mirror include TEDx, Volkswagen, Porsche, Kaufland among many others.

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The setup

RetailMirrors support staff with digital features that consumers know from e-commerce: they provide quick information on products such as availability, sizes, color variants or prices, ratings from other customers, as well as valuable recommendations tailored to individual preferences. 

One of HelloMirrors' automotive customers decided to use the smart mirrors for their German car dealerships. For this client, Storyblok acts as the content hub that gives them the headless CMS capabilities and an easy way to manage content for retail screens. Therefore, the car dealerships can focus on what they can do best: Create magical moments for their customers and excite them with playful and interactive experiences.

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