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Take it_ makes the dream of a smooth transition come true for Emarsys

  • Headquarters: Vienna, Austria
  • Technology Stack: Node.js, Nuxt.js
3 weeks
To delivery
migration from WordPress

Delve into the evolution of Emarsys' brand site, a story of blending technology and creativity to redefine customer engagement. The seamless blend of design and functionality was achieved through the dynamic content management solutions offered by Storyblok. The elevated Emarsys' online presence built on atomic design, including content migration, was ready in 3 weeks, reflecting a modern and customer-centric approach.

  • Quote from Wessel van der Pal, Developer and Co-founder of take it_

    Since we started working with Storyblok and got in contact with the core team, we were always supported. If we had a question there was direct anticipation to it. We feel a real connection and this is not very common in the tech industry.

    Wessel van der Pal
    Wessel van der Pal
    Developer and Co-founder of take it_

Section titled Challenges faced with a WordPress setup

  • The Emarsys corporate website, was built on Wordpress. Together with take it_ they took the bold step to move away from the monolithic CMS area and experiment with a headless system.
    Here's a breakdown of the challenges they encountered with their WordPress setup:
  • Design Flexibility: Wordpress's rigid template system hindered the implementation of modern and dynamic design elements.
  • Complex Content Management: The traditional CMS posed challenges in managing complex content structures efficiently.
  • Collaborative Workflows: Wordpress lacked a seamless workflow for content creation, review, and approval, causing inefficiencies.
  • Customization: Customizing features and functionalities often required extensive development efforts and time.
  • Integration Challenges: Integrating third-party tools and services was often complex and resource-intensive.
  • Future-Proofing: The limitations of Wordpress raised concerns about the platform's ability to evolve and meet future needs.

Section titled Storyblok's solutions for growth and scalability

By embracing Storyblok, Emarsys effectively addressed their previous limitations, revolutionizing their digital presence and offering a superior user experience.

  • Dynamic Handling: Storyblok empowered both developers and designers to seamlessly manage content, striking a balance between technical expertise and user-friendly design.
  • Intuitive CMS: Emarsys sought an intuitive CMS for quick content changes and complex design implementation, and Storyblok seamlessly fit the bill.
  • Smooth Migration: Storyblok facilitated effortless content migration, ensuring a smooth transition from their previous Wordpress setup.
  • Efficient Onboarding: Storyblok's system was intuitive, requiring minimal onboarding, enabling developers, designers, and content creators to swiftly grasp its functionality.
  • Reusable Elements: Leveraging Storyblok, take it_ implemented a toolbox approach, inspired by atomic design, allowing the creation of diverse variations through a visual editor.
  • Architectural Harmony: Storyblok's architecture aligned perfectly with take it_'s strategy, embracing reusable elements from a macro to micro level.
  • Quote from Arnel Neudam, Head of Corporate Design for Emarsys

    It was a tricky project because of the short timeline, but when we met take it_ and they offered this solution, it was the best thing that could happen to us.

    Arnel Neudam
    Arnel Neudam
    Head of Corporate Design for Emarsys

Section titled Emarsys: Empowering engagement

Emarsys, a SAP company, is an omnichannel customer engagement platform that empowers marketers to build, launch, and scale personalized, cross-channel campaigns that drive business outcomes.
They partner with more than 1,500 companies from global enterprises to fast-moving mid-market brands across industries.

Section titled Meet the agency: take it_'s philosophy and expertise

It’s tech, everything is possible. This is the philosophy behind take it_, a design and web development agency from Berlin. They are specialized on Storyblok based websites. Their portfolio consists of simple landing pages and complex corporate websites with integrated headless shops that are connected to your favorite marketing and CRM platforms.

Section titled Why Storyblok was the best choice

Although take it_ has been a short time on the market, they are an established agency with a great portfolio. We learned from their experience that more and more clients, not only know about headless CMSs, they specifically want their projects built on a headless system, as they are aware that it’s a better solution. This trend corresponds to the ever growing demands and needs of users.
They experimented with other headless systems, like Prismic, Contentful and Sanity, which they concluded were pretty strong contenders. In the end, however, they decided that Storyblok was their best option and first recommendation to all their clients. The Visual Editor was a weighing factor, but also the fact that both developers and clients enjoyed working with it. More than that, they found a solid partner in Storyblok, in terms of support and reaction to needs.

Section titled From idea to reality: the project development and timeline

Emarsys approached take_it shortly before Christmas and they started working on the project in January. Three weeks later they gave access to Emarsys to start uploading the content.
This quick delivery was due to an effort on both sides. The agency commends the high quality and well-structured designs they received. Likewise, Emarsys, applauds the toolbox system, take it_ implemented.
To be more specific, take it_’s strategy was inspired by the atomic design. They identified the similar sections and broke them down into smaller parts, to the smallest unit (eg. headline), which they reused across templates and types of pages. Essentially, they created a toolbox of elements which can be used by Emarsys to create endless variations via the visual editor.
A very astute observation made by take_it, Storyblok’s architecture fully supports this approach. It is built on this principle of reusable elements down to the smallest item.

Section titled Final thoughts of the transformative journey

This was a small project but with great impact for Emarsys. They had a short timeline and trusted take it_ to fulfill their dream of giving them an easy to handle system which enables them to effortlessly manage their content. They delivered.

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The newly revitalized Brand Site became an internal point of reference and a reason for Emarsys to possibly use Storyblok for more complex future projects.

One CMS, endless possibilities