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Frei Fläche

Discover a world of creativity spanning over 22,000 sqm! The Hamburg Creative Society's "Frei_Fläche" program provides spaces and experimental areas for creative professionals seeking affordable working opportunities. Landlords can also benefit from the program and enliven their neighborhoods through pop-up stores, exhibitions, co-working spaces and discussion rooms. "Frei_Fläche" is Germany's largest creative economy interim use concept. One of the main challenges 5AM faced when working on the Frei_Fläche project was the short timeline. The agency needed to create a website quickly, but it was also important that their client could easily update the website with new information as it became available. To meet this challenge, 5AM decided to partner with Storyblok. Storyblok's modular system and user-friendly interface made it easy for the agency to build a customized website that met Frei_Fläche's needs.

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