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Baugenossenschaft Letten (BGL)

Baugenossenschaft Letten (BGL) is a Swiss housing cooperative based in Zurich. BGL focuses on providing residents with apartments and living spaces that are in line with sustainable housing ideas. The cooperative is vital for the local community: it brings people together. To celebrate the 100th anniversary of the cooperative’s founding, BGL decided to build a completely new website in a fresh, light and intuitive manner. The website should be high-performative in terms of technical SEO metrics and visually spacious. With this in mind, Naturaily recommended Jamstack approach with Storyblok’s headlesss CMS as a perfect hit in terms of user experience and search engine optimization. After the release, the website improved itself in terms of navigation, flexibility, and security levels. It now also serves as an exhaustive center of information for residents, and thanks to Storyblok’s Headless CMS its content can be easily updated and rearranged by the BGL team.

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