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  • Sprint 69 - Konrad Zuse

    Konrad Zuse
    Changes in:appapiPermalink
      • SBD-51
      • Business Plan
      • Content Authoring
      • User Experience

      Ability to schedule a single story to be published on a future date instead of directly publishing it or including it in the Releases App.

    Improvements & Fixes

    • Added missing link type options in plugin markdown-HTML.

    • On loading the story, now the selected items show even if they are not valid for the current field restrictions.

    • Solved Richtext CSS menu issue.

    • Made sure the field types block and group are not translatable.

    • When a block with a default preset is duplicated, the preset_id is now empty in the new block copy.

    • In the editor form, changed the block icon to cog icon.

    • Updated backup app instructions part

    • Updated Slack integration button

    • Updated the "custom_upload_limi_in_mb" validation to use the new helper.

    • Space level settings: Made the endpoint available for Oauth authentication.

    • Asset details modal: Removed the Activities tab

    • Assets: Deleted Assets empty state.

    • Updated Icon in Internationalization settings.

    • Redesigned settings page of Content Locking settings.

    • Redesigned settings page of Assets Custom Metadata settings.

    • Limit minimum of characters when searching on the stories content.

    • Search content list upon entering 1 character.

    • Update roles settings descriptions.

  • Sprint 68 - Claude S

    Claude S.

    Changes in:appapiPermalink
      • SBD-45
      • Enterprise Plan
      • Developer Experience
      • User Experience
      • Content Authoring

      The ability to add conditions to fields within your components to ensure dynamic and clean components.

    • Makes it possible to restrict actions (clone, merge, overwrite) in the Dimensions App to certain user roles.

      • SBD - 243
      • Business Plan
      • Extensions

    Improvements & Fixes

    • Recovery - Made it possible to find a recovered file in its original location.

    • Stories - Solved the issue that Regex validations should not prevent empty and not-required fields from saving the story.

    • Richtext - Fixed an issue where adding a block inside the Richtext and clicking on it to open partly hides the add block button below the block.

    • Block Library - Solved the issue where a blank list is shown when switching from another page in the block library to a folder.

    • Localization - Added character limit to language label

    • User - Experience - Improved field-type blocks highlight.

    • Limits - Improved visualization of space limit creation for organizations.

    • Visual Editor - Fixed issue with switching between visual editor and form only views.

    • Search - Improved search function characters.

  • Sprint 67 - George S

    George S

    Changes in:appapiPermalink
      • SBD - 248
      • Community Plan
      • Content Authoring

      Adds an option to the permissions for custom roles that makes it possible to deny making changes to the names of components and fields.

    Improvements & Fixes

    • Localization: Fixed issue where required fields were only validated in the default language.

    • Extensions - Added language dropdown to the import menu for the " Import Translatable Fields App".

    • User Experience - Added infinity symbol for plan limitations in the dashboard.

    • User Experience - Improved the published release success message.

    • User Experience - Adjusted the width of the discussion button and the spacing between the quick filters and the dropdown.

    • User Experience - Improved responsiveness of traffic chart.

    • User Experience - Resolved issue of emoji's shown as images or as glyph alternatives.

    • User Experience - Corrected break lines after pasting text in Discussions.

    • Assets: The selected default period changed to last month

    • Assets: The list now displays 5 assets per page.

    • Assets: Assets that are not images will be represented as icons.

  • Sprint 66 - Alan Turing

    Alan Turing
    Changes in:appapiPermalink
      • SBD - 267
      • Community Plan
      • User Experience

      Add Korean UI for the Storyblok app.

    Improvements & Fixes

    • Visual Editor - Optimized the size of the field type components.

    • User Experience - Solved issue where the wrong block was highlighted during validation failures.

    • User Experience - Solved issue when dragging text in form-only mode.

    • User Experience - Resolved the problem where asset field types were not clickable on the content form when the default asset folder was selected.

    • User - Experience - Fixed the issue where a long preview URL caused layout issues, hiding the Minimize Preview and Content Navigator elements.

    • User - Experience - Solved issue where the tab switches when saving a story.

    • Block Library - Solved issue where the wrong type of block is being shown under Config.

    • Preview - Adjusted the order of elements in visual preview to add elements before instead of after.

    • Visual Editor - Fixed the issue where revision restore did not update the editor view, leaving data in an old state in the iframe.

    • Webhooks - Improved webhook log details.

    • Roles and permissions - Fixed the issue where deleted roles were still listed with their release_ids.

    • Dashboard - Fixed NaN undefined value shown on the traffic widget.

    • Business plan - Reviewed and adapted the Business Plan limits to the S3 Backup Frequency.

    • Tags: Query improvement for Tags endpoint.

    • Apps: Add day selection in the backup app for Teems and Business plan.

  • Sprint 65 - Emil Post

    Emil Post
    Changes in:appapiPermalink

    Improvements & Fixes

    • Block Library - Resolved an issue in the Block Library where, if the Boolean field toggle is false, it doesn't allow saving the story when the field is required.

    • User - Experience - Fixed issue in the Richtext field type where users with language restrictions in a non-default language were unable to edit translatable fields inside a block that is inside another block.

    • User - Experience - Solved a problem where text field values are reversed when typing.

    • What's new - Improved responsiveness of feature on mobile.

    • What's new - Improved pagination logic for what's new feature.

    • Tags - Solved the issue when the save buttons stayed enabled when the name was deleted.

    • Activities - Show activities regardless of the order of the type of activity selected in the filter.

    • Limits - Migrated feature plan limits

    • Backup - Add shared components to backup/restore

    • Limits - Review and adapt Business plan limits and restrictions.

    • JS - Create a V7-alpha branch for the JS client.

    • Backup - Review and adapt the Business Plan limits to the S3 Backup Frequency.

    • Onboarding - Implementation onboarding e-mails on signup flow.

    • Organizations - Add invited users to the list of all organization users.

    • Apps - Migrated the Releases, Pipelines, and Activities apps to the new helper.

  • Sprint 64 - Stephen Cole

    Stephen Cole
    Changes in:appapiPermalink
      • SBD-10
      • Enterprise Plan
      • Security

      Provides enterprise users with a more powerful way to track and filter activities within their space.

    • Space Dashboard will show detailed traffic usage. where the developers will be able to identify which stories or resources are creating most of traffic.

      • SBD-153
      • Community Plan
      • User Experience
      • Assets Experience

    Improvements & Fixes

    • User Experience - Added new "Whats’s New" section in the Storyblok App

    • Activity Log - Show the name of the removed user instead of the label “Unknown user”

    • Security - Disable external apps on non-EU infrastructure

    • Field type - Blocks and groups should not be translatable

    • User Experience - Improve UX when switching to V2 from V1

    • Tags - Fix the behavior of special characters in Tags names

    • Tags - Improve the behavior of tag selection

    • Activity Log - Improve the UX of the filter for cases with multiple filter items in

    • Permissions - Added new permissions to custom roles for Publish/Unpublish Folders

    • Extensions - Custom tags app to create lists of strings with a simple interface

    • Extensions - Released the stable version of Field Plugin SDK v1

  • Scheduled behaviour correcting fix 2309

    Release Date

    Changes in:mapiapiPermalink

    Improvements & Fixes

    We plan to release a behaviour correcting fix for the Content Delivery API v2 filter_query [FIELD_NAME][is]

    • “is” => “empty_array”

    • “is” => “empty”

    • “is” => “false”

    In the case of combining the filter_query with any other filter_query, the response sent by the system was not correct. Content Delivery API v2 will deliver correct content after releasing this fix.

    Content Delivery v1 was not affected by this bug.

  • Scheduled maintenance 2309

    Changes in: mapiPermalink

    We would like to inform you that scheduled maintenance work will be carried out on our system on Saturday, September 9, 2023, commencing at 23:00 UTC. During this maintenance window, write operations for the Management API will be temporarily disabled for a period of 1-2 hours.

    It is important to note that this interruption will exclusively impact write operations within the Management API. All other functionalities, including the Delivery API and read operations of the Management API, will remain fully operational and unaffected.

  • Sprint 63 - Alonzo Church

    Alonzo Church

    Changes in:appmapiapiPermalink
      • WDEED-39
      • Enterprise Plan
      • Extensions
      • Internationalization

      This custom Storyblok app enables direct connection with the Smartling translation service.

    • Define multiple content type parameters for folders to improve organization and limit errors.

      • SBD-70
      • Community Plan
      • Security
      • Content Authoring

    Improvements & Fixes

    • Spaces Overview - Improved categorisation of Space user has access to

    • Assets - Introduction of custom assets limits for space manageable in the Space Settings.

    • Rich Text Editor - Fixed RTL Feature under Markdown Field Options

    • Visual Editor - Improved cropping long words in Visual Editor and Form View

    • Settings - Improved UX of the collaborators list

    • Content Section - Fixed behaviour of Multi-Action bar

    • Workflows - Disabled the "Save" button if no changes were made

    • Tags Management - The “Save” button is not disabled when creating or editing a tag

    • Rich Text Editor - Improved behaviour of Multi-Option field

    • Visual Editor - Allowed to expand blocks in form-only mode view or when the visual preview is minimized

    • Field Level Translation - Added the option to make `Block fields’ items actions available only for users with access to the default language

    • Visual Editor - The page history button moved into the toolbar

    • Pipeline - Improved pipeline responsiveness

    • Content Section - Improved Multiple Workflow filter

  • Sprint 62 - Nakashima Akira

    Nakashima Akira

    Changes in:appapiPermalink
      • SBD-131
      • Community Plan
      • Developer Experience

      Improve the Restore Block Feature by allowing developers to preview the previous versions of the block configuration before restoring it.

    Improvements & Fixes

    • Component Versions - Out-of-schema Improvements

    • Extensions - Added Code Block Plugin into the App Store

    • Subscription - Fixed problems after the user canceled the subscriptions

    • Space Ownership - Fixed transfer of spaces ownership when user is disabled

    • Visual Editor - Fixed decimal presentation in the number field

    • Richtext field - Fixed _editable missing from the block when it is nested within a rich-text field

    • Alternates - Fixed “Deny changing alternates group” permission

    • Dimensions - Fixed exclude function in overwrite action for nested blocks

    • Extensions - Fix Field Plugin Editor Layout

    • Content Browser - Improved UX of Content Browser in Visual Editor

    • Responsiveness - Improved responsiveness of the app in multiple places

    • Activities - UX & UI improvements

    • Releases - Fixed mobile UI bugs

    • Pipelines - Fixed mobile UI bugs

  • Sprint 61 - Rózsa Péter

    Rózsa Péter

    Changes in:appapimapiPermalink
      • SBD-15
      • Business Plan
      • Infrastructure

      Configure custom webhooks for multiple events.

    • Update JS, Ruby, and PHP Client to be able to resolve and render lately added RT features - Emojis, Sub/Superscript, Anchot & custom tag attributes.

      • SBD-107
      • Community Plan
      • Developer Experience
    • Ability to create and manage extensions on the enterprise organization level.

      • SBD-83
      • Enterprise Plan
      • User Experience
      • Extensions
    • Improvements are coming to the way content is tagged, including bulk tagging from your content list.

      • SBD-71
      • Community Plan
      • User Experience

    Improvements & Fixes

    • Demos - Prepared infrastructure for multiple demos & themes

    • App Store - Promotion of External Apps

    • Enterprise Organisation Portal - Added Extensions management to the portal

    • Content Locking App - Fixed the glitch inside a story preventing the preview from being visible

    • Richtext Editor - Fixed MultiOptions visibility bug

    • Backup App - Fixed backups for other languages as default one

    • Field Type Editor - Improve, refactored & update documentation

    • Assets Library - Improve UX & UI

    • Components Library - Out-of-schema improvement to restore a field precisely as before the change

    • Visual Editor - Improved UX of adding new Blocks into the Story

    • Storyblok Bridge - released support to the resolve_links param. Read for more details

  • Sprint 60 - Kurt Gödel

    Kurt Gödel

    Changes in:appapiPermalink
      • SBD-16
      • Business Plan
      • Workflows

      Multiple Workflows enable teams to create and customize numerous workflows for different content types.

    • Capability to define read-only permission to a custom role with the ability to preview fields of the story and without the ability to change the content.

      • SBD-42
      • Entry Plan
      • Security
      • Content Authoring
    • Ability to assign/map Storyblok default roles to SSO roles via the external ID.

      • SBD-238
      • Enterprise Plan
      • Security
      • Content Authoring
    • Improvements are coming to the way content is tagged, including bulk tagging from your content list.

      • SBD-71
      • Community Plan
      • User Experience
    • Show unresolved discussions of the user in the dashboard of the space.

      • SBD-109
      • Entry Plan
      • User Experience
      • Collaboration

    Improvements & Fixes

    • Assets: List of references fixed

    • Visual editor: Unpublish action fixed

  • Sprint 59 - Vannevar Bush

    Vannevar Bush

    Changes in:appapiPermalink
      • SBD-56
      • Partner

      Provides Storyblok partners the ability to create, edit, and organize leads in a Kanban deal workflow within the Partner Portal.

    • Add the ability to exclude fields from override and merge actions of the Dimensions App.

      • SBD-192
      • Business Plan
      • Content Authoring
      • Internationalization
      • Extensions

    Improvements & Fixes

    • Dimensions App - Added "Exclude field" option

    • Assets Library - Added filtering by tags

    • Assets Library - Fixed folders disappear while using the search

    • Single/Multi-Options - Do not close the component when the user start to click inside and finishes outside

    • Backup App - Include discussions, pipeline branches, datasources on restore

    • Partner portal - Improved extensions management

    • Partner Portal - General texts adjustments

    • Partner Portal - Improved UX/UI of apps by transforming to new Extensions layout

    • Responsiveness - Improve UX/UI of Assets Library on mobile devices

    • Datasource - Add option to order by slug

    • Space Settings - Improve Internationalisation “Publish translations individually” description

    • App Store - Broken Links Checker, Semrush Keywords, Vercel Deployments, and Netlify Builds available for US spaces

    • Management API - Added access to last_sign_in_at value of user

    • Backup app - FIxed s3 bucket missing error

    • JS Client - Fixed Richtext errors.

  • Sprint 58 - Eccles–Jordan

    Eccles Jordan

    Changes in:appopen-sourcePermalink
      • SBD-28
      • Business Plan
      • Assets Experience

      Custom Metadata for Assets enable users to add custom text fields to their assets for any purpose. Users can also set these custom fields for specific asset types, translate values, and mark fields as required. Values can be set at the asset level and overwritten at the story level.

    • An Extension App to connect your Storyblok space with Bynder, the Digital Asset Management Platform.

      • WDEED-45
      • Enterprise Plan
      • Extensions
      • Assets Experience
    • Improve the user experience of creating new content blocks and navigating the content list in the Visual Editor.

      • SBD-244
      • Community Plan
      • User Experience
      • Editing

    Improvements & Fixes

    • General - Fixed the item selection on lists of Content, Blocks, etc

    • Extensions - Bug fixes and improvements in the field-plugin library and the CLI

    • Asset Manager - Added the option to collapse and expand the folders tree sidebar

    • Asset Manager - Improved displaying of filenames

    • Import Translatable Fields App - Fixed the content refresh on importing a file

    • Translatable Field - Fixed the preview of the default value and copy functionality to the selected language

    • Link field - Fixed issues when adding an email

    • Link field - Show the complete slug of internal links

    • Multi-Option Field - Select items without the need to click on the "Add" button

    • Richtext & Markdown fields - Fixed the two columns issue

    • Richtext Field - Fixed the symbols that were interpreted as emoji

    • Richtext Field - Fixed the dragging Block functionality

    • Onboarding - Improved sign-up journey

    • Responsiveness - Released multiple improvements to Storyblok App

    • Backups App - Disable daily backups when the app has been uninstalled

    • JS Client - Retry query bug fixed

    • JS Client - Type definition for addNode bug fixed

    • JS Client - Warning message for the RichText resolver bug fixed

    • JS CLI - Add Group UUID Filtering for Components

  • Sprint 57 - Leonardo


    Changes in:appmapiapiopen-sourcePermalink
      • Community Plan
      • User Experience
      • Content

      With Quick Filters, you can save the filters you apply in the content list for convenient access. Without Quick Filters, you would have to manually reselect the filters each time you enter the content list. However, by using Quick Filters, you can save your preferred filters and simply click on them whenever you need to apply them.

    • Enables users to set Anchor links within the Rich Text editor using IDs.

      • SBD-52
      • Community Plan
      • Richtext Editor
    • Improves how users can search and assign roles within the Visual Editor

      • SBD-77
      • Community Plan
      • User Experience
    • Define multiple content type parameters for folders to improve organization and limit errors.

      • SBD-70
      • Community Plan
      • Security
      • Content Authoring
    • Provides Emoji support for Rich Text Editor editor

      • SBD-65
      • Community Plan
      • Richtext Editor
    • Adds a Cut/Copy/Paste Button within the Rich Text Editor to improve accessibility.

      • SBD-68
      • Community Plan
      • Richtext Editor

    Improvements & Fixes

    • eCommerce - Updated Shopify plugin

    • Visual Editor - Fixed content refresh after Import translatable fields

    • Multi-Assets - Fixed ordering behavior

    • Link custom attributes - Added the custom attributes to internal links

    • Link custom attributes - Option on the field settings to enable/disable it

    • Custom fields - Fixed to show the missing custom fields for selection in Plugin fields in US Spaces

    • Webhooks - Story full-slug added to the “Story published & unpublished” webhooks’ payloads

    • Components Library - Fixed to don’t copy the preset association on duplicating a Block

    • Releases - Release is not deleted through the Edit modal

    • Releases - Problems with Release list design scroll down

    • Releases API - Add owner_id

    • Roles -  Error when editing roles for users with Username enabled

    • Task App - Radio button dialog values are not grouped correctly

    • Slack - Fix for US spaces

    • JS Bridge - Enhanced to resolve nested relations when editing content

    • JS Client - Update to the color of the highlighted text

    • JS Client - Update Interface to be possible to use all entities of Management API

    • PHP Client - Resolving stories relations fixed

    • Ruby Client - Updated richtext resolver

    • CDN - fixed filter query operator "AND"

    • GraphQL - fixed limit of resolve relations

    • Seat Limit - Fixed not able to add users to space

    • Organization - Fixed the association between the organization user limit and the space users limit

    • Extensions - Improved step size & formatting of the Slider Plugin

    • Extensions - Released alpha of field plugin library & CLI

  • Storyblok V2: Update 8

    Changes in: appPermalink

    In this update of Storyblok's V2, we implemented the following improvements:

    General updates


    • CLI: Log in and use the CLI tool as an SSO user
    • CLI: Update the pull/push components in CLI
    • JS: Add support for Chinese spaces
    • JS: Add extra error handling
    • New Welcome video on Partner Portal

    Fixed bugs

    • API: Resolve relations of relations bug
    • JS V5: Prevent memory leaks when resolving relations/links
    • JS: Adjustment on headers inside sbFetch
    • PHP: Resolve relations aren't working well on PHP-client
    • Unpublishing a secondary language does not trigger a generation of CV
    • Visual Editor: Custom field-type modal dialog was partly hidden
    • Visual Editor: Fixed the sync between the bridge and the editor
    • Visual Editor: The Block Browser wasn't reflecting the current story content after changes
    • Visual Editor: When the focus was on a field, the scroll in the Visual preview was getting locked
    • Visual Editor: Fixed the controls to hide/show the Block Library button after the Block name
    • Asset Manager Modal: Fixed the sorting conflict with the content page
    • Dimensions App: Fixed the clone action in a release
    • Dimensions App: Wasn't overwriting the story after the first overwrite after the page loading
    • Tools: Fixed receiving getContext from Visual Editor (Failed to execute 'postMessage' on 'Window')
    • Block Library: Fixed to allow only specific components by groups
    • Shared Components App: Fixed the behavior for edge cases.
    • Connect Resolved discussions to the activities log app
    • Not able to add Pipelines to a release when editing it

    UI/UX Improvements

    • Datasource: Page selection was hiding the page numbers
  • Storyblok V2: Update 7

    Changes in: appPermalink

    In this update of Storyblok's V2, we implemented the following improvements:

    General updates

    Personal Access Token Expiry

    • We have improved security with a Personal Access Token expiry.
    • When you are creating a new Personal Access Token, you are given a choice for how long that token will last.
    • Choices are 30, 60, 90 days, and custom (you can select a custom date).

    Fixed bugs

    • JS client: Storyblok v5 is not working on React Native on iOS
    • JS client: Cannot create a story: "param is missing, or the value is empty: story"
    • JS client: Fix on error handling
    • JS client: Fix on getAll return type
    • CLI: "update_uuid" endpoint is missing in China environment
    • API: SVG Images served without Dimensions in CDN Image URL
    • Updating metadata of stories changes the status of the story
    • Cloudinary Integration: Working with the Cloudinary new navigation experience
    • Visual editor: Drag and drop blocks to other tabs
    • Visual Editor Library: Performance improvements
    • Block Library: Performance improvements
    • Asset Manager: Performance improvements
    • Asset Manager: Show folders without uuid
    • Fix field type relationship setting
    • Fixed Subscription page not visible to the user with manage permission
    • Fixed an issue on Partner portal app editing doesn’t enable button when changing fieldtype
    • Connect Resolved discussions to the activities log app.
    • Input value incorrect for release scheduling
    • User gets no role if a custom role is being deleted
    • There is no endpoint registered in the response for the comment resolved action.
    • Entries were being created with uuid in the slug
    • Less sensitive search return results in content list
    • Search for stories with apostrophes doesn't show

    UI/UX Improvements

    • Releases are to be ordered by the creation date
    • The delete modal of a discussion should have a yes and no option when deleting
    • Boolean: Component changed from a checkbox to a toggle
    • Single-option & Multi-options: Loading state animations added
    • Created a new flow to permit trial users to become Community users without the input of the Credit Card
  • Storyblok V2: Update 6

    Changes in: appPermalink

    In this update of Storyblok's V2, we implemented the following improvements:

    General updates


    • CLI: List spaces from all regions in spaces commands
    • CLI: Add error catch for initial JS SDK instantiation
    • Adjustments on the user count for Enterprise customers.

    Fixed bugs

    • Design System: Missing path on SBStoryData interface
    • JS Client: Error when the user is fetching data from published links
    • API: sort_by has unexpected behavior when certain fields are not represented as float
    • Ruby: MAPI problem
    • Asset Manager: Performance improvements for Spaces with thousands of folders
    • Asset Manager: Fixed the search of assets containing "_" on the name
    • Asset Manager: Fixed the issue when moving assets to the root folder
    • Datasources: Entries search fixed for DS containing more than 1000 entries
    • Visual Editor: Fixed the reloading when switching Stories with the Content Browser
    • Dimensions: Fixed the cloning action for Stories in a release
    • Multi-Assets: Field-level translation fixed
    • Issues with saving filters after adding another filter to preset
    • Corrected sort order in ‘Deleted content’
    • Layout problems while trying to move stories on the content list
    • Fixed an issue when a user register a credit card with 3D secure
    • Fixed a bug related to Spaces from the US region and CN region

    UI/UX Improvements

    • Link: Custom attribute "rel" changed from a select to a text field
  • Storyblok V2: Update 4

    Changes in: appPermalink

    In this update of Storyblok's V2, we implemented the following improvements:

    General updates


    • JS Client: core-js, babel and isomorphic-fetch removed
    • Currency for different locations

    Fixed bugs

    • Workflows: Unable to access edit modal for the second time
    • Workflows: Show only groups and people with rights to edit in workflow stage
    • Discussions: Problems when breaking the line on a comment
    • Discussions: Custom roles are not able to add comments (default language)
    • Content types: Content type gets removed from story when changing its slug.
    • User management: Remove button not available for invalid users
    • Content list: Additional filter options have zero returns
    • Pipeline: Unable to delete a pipeline from Edit modal
    • DS: SbSlideover opening many modals when starting the page
    • CLI: incorrect syncing of component groups in RichText
    • CLI: publish status not being synced correctly
    • JS: StoryblokConfig.resolveNestedRelations is missing
    • JS: v5 upgrade error: Expected signal to be an instance of AbortSignal
    • JS: Prevent memory leaks when resolving relations
    • JS: Change function visibility
    • When setting wrong Arn in a Backup App's configuration the V2 UI backup app doesn't show up and the console gives a 403 error
    • Asset Manager: Tag creation fixed
    • Number Field: On changing a field to a Number field type if the previous value wasn't a valid number, the value is cleaned after saving the Story
    • Single-Option and Multi-Options: Component loading story relations using ID instead of UIDD for the older spaces
    • Fixed Console error for accessing the subscription page
    • Fixed the functionality in Storyblok V2 that allows access to the subscription screen
    • When opening a page with a non-installed app, server throws 404 error - Fixed.
    • Phone edition gives error in account settings - Fixed

    UI/UX Improvements

    • Visual Editor: Removal of duplicated scrollbars
    • Asset Manager: UI improvements on asset preview on detail modal when the user resizes the window
  • Storyblok V2: Update 2

    Changes in: appPermalink

    In this update of Storyblok's V2, we implemented the following improvements:

    General updates


    • JS Client: Version 5 - Removed Axios, Added Typescript, updated documentation, moved v4 to v4 branch
    • CLI: Server location - Updated the CLI Tool to work with server location US

    Fixed bugs

    • Visual Editor - Visual Editor: Numeric field doesn't show the value when it's a numeric value in the content JSON
    • Design System - Error when filling minDate with the wrong format in documentation
    • Design System - SbSelect component shows an empty tag
    • Responsiveness - Datasource Input Field
    • Discussions inside blocks, do not open in the correct place
    • Content List - Dropdown menu hidden by the Multi-action bar
    • Content List - There are no breadcrumbs when showing folders
    • Content List - Pagination in content breaks when entries are lower than page size
    • Releases - Content issues when changing the Story tag in a release
    • JS Client: TS definition for client.get doesn't allow getting datasources
    • Asset Detail Modal: On typing or changing the value of any field is making unnecessary requests to the backend
    • Fuzzy matches on Salesforce creating Duplicate signup errors for Devs
    • Remove the link to the old survey v2 in UsabilityHub
    • Show correct org and partner roles
    • Duplicated line on dashboard loading
    • Wrong button label for trial plan for space created by partner portal
    • Search countries field cannot search with first capital letter
    • Console error on Partner Portal learning tab
    • Bug with the UI with the validation of dropdowns
  • Storyblok V2: Update 9

    Changes in: appPermalink

    In this update of Storyblok's V2, we implemented the following improvements:


    Subscript and Superscript

    You can now easily create content using Subscript and Superscript format on the Richtext fields.

    A subscript or superscript is a character (number, figure, symbol, or indicator) that is usually smaller than the normal line and is set slightly below it (subscript) or above it (superscript).

    When you add formulas, mathematical expressions, specifications of chemical compounds and isotopes, footnotes, trademarks, copyright, or other symbols to your content, you might want them to appear slightly above or below the rest of your text.


    Subscript: 2H2 + O2→ 2H2O

    Superscript: TrademarkTM

    Note: If you are using Stroybloks Richtext resolver, your project must use the latest JS Client version to use this new feature and render it properly. This feature is not available for the other SDKs yet, but we are working on it!

    Undo and Redo

    For accessibility, aside from the keyboard shortcuts, now you also have the buttons to Undo and Redo your changes in the Richtext fields.

    Emoji 🙂

    Now you can add Emojis to your Richtext content 🤩

    Color picker

    Now you can add color to your Richtext content without the need to create custom CSS classes.


    Inline boolean

    The usability of the boolean field was enhanced; now, you have the option to set it as inline and save some space in your content form.

    Digital Asset Manager

    Filter by the expiration date

    Now you can easily filter your assets by the expiration date.

    Visual preview

    New block action

    Now you can copy the block directly from the visual preview.


    Share the story in your language

    When you switch to a non-default language, the language is added to the Story URL in your browser, so if you copy this URL and send it to your team members, they will open the Story in the language you selected.

    Backup Encryption

    Our backups are now encrypted. This is done automatically, so no action is needed from the user's side.

    Assign to multi-users / roles

    We have improved the UI and UX in the way you can assign roles and users to a story. This way, you can more easily coordinate the workflows of your team. This will give you a more complete way to make sure the people who need to work on the story can be assigned across admins, editors, and custom roles.

    General updates


    • JS Client: Updated richtext resolver function
    • CLI: Sync command with "starts with" filter

    Fixed bugs

    • Apps are no longer available on incorrect plans
    • Slack integration button doesn't work in US spaces
    • Double timezone applied on the Restore tab in Backup App
    • More consistency across the application for timezones
    • Wrong behavior when adding a user on "Assigned to" when saved
    • Move story action is reset when a new page is selected
    • When a user wants to sort users based on their roles, the sorting does not bring accurate results.
    • Action Menu is not highlighted when hovered
    • The visual editor wasn't updating the content when the Story was reverted to a previous version.
    • The header UI was breaking when the save validations failed.
    • The option to create presets wasn't showing in some situations.
    • Fixed option to manage users on Organizations.
  • Storyblok V2: Update 1

    Changes in: appPermalink

    In this update of Storyblok's V2, we implemented the following improvements:

    General updates


    • Added filter query to match the entire array - eq_array

    Design System

    • Added DateTime field manual entry


    • Centralised page for US Infrastructure

    UI/UX Improvements

    • Visual Editor: Dimensions dialog - Fixed UI for long names
    • Visual Editor: Fixed UI for long texts in Block Preview
    • Visual Editor: Improvement on the delay in opening the Block Library
    • Asset Manager: Added the option to go to the folder of the selected asset

    Fixed bugs

    • Content list: Fixed issue with loading spinner icon when loading more content
    • Content list: Custom sorting won't persist
    • Content list: Truncate Tag name on Content List
    • Partner sign-up: Fixed the website field display error message
    • Partner portal apps: Fixed the Save button as always being enabled
    • Releases: Fixed how content gets lost when you change the name/slug of a story that is under a release
    • Releases: Fixed that the name that appears for deleting the release is always the last one created
    • Workflow: Following stage settings are not cleaned after stage deletion on settings
    • Workflow: Adding or removing a user in the workflow is more immediate.
    • Workflow: User list shows invited users on Workflow Assignment
    • Tags: New tags not listed on tag list properly
    • Visual Editor: Fixed content reload on publishing/unpublishing
    • Visual Editor: Fixed content reload on restoring a version from history
    • Visual Editor: Fixed block restriction for Blocks field type within Richtext fields
    • Visual Editor: Fixed cached_url of Stories on folders using Advanced paths
    • Visual Editor: Fixed description for multiple lines of text
    • Visual Editor: Fixed the alternative versions listing
    • Datasources: Fixed pagination on filtering entries
    • Content: Removed the alternative version restrictions when using the Dimensions app
  • Storyblok V2: Update 3

    Changes in: appPermalink

    In this update of Storyblok's V2, we implemented the following improvements:

    General updates


    • JS Client: Ts declaration adjustment
    • JS Client: Updated changelog
    • JS Client: remove & ignore stray .DS_Store file

    Fixed bugs

    • Content List: Additional filter options with zero returns
    • Content List: Search box margin incorrect
    • Content List: Responsiveness improvement on mobile on stories listings
    • Content List: Incorrect timezone in the "first published date" in V2
    • Content List: Technical name of a component instead of the Display name in the "New content story" modal
    • Content List: Wrong version name of content types is displayed in content section
    • Content List: Translated slug of a story in programmable paths of the advanced path app
    • Content List: Contents improvement in loading after restoring deleted content
    • Content List: Remove of pagination options when there are less items than 26 in the content list
    • Content List: Move buttons are wrongly positioned in the content list on the Safari web browser in Storyblok V2
    • Workflows: Show only groups and people with rights to edit in workflow stage
    • Discussions: In Discussions added learn more hyperlink
    • JS Client: resolve_relations bug
    • JS Client: Client does not send API requests bug
    • JS Client: flushCache() not working bug
    • JS Client: responseData.link_uuids.length bug
    • JS Client: forEach error when trying to retrieve a story with resolve_relation bug
    • Questions related to SSO when users are assigned to multiple groups and roles
    • Adjustments to show the correct price of an Enterprise Plan
    • Adjustments on Sign-up process: account confirmation
    • Fixed the correct route on Partner Portal Stripe connection
    • Visual Editor: Fixed asset description on Multi-Asset fields
    • Visual Editor: Fixed Uncaught DOMException errors
    • Visual Editor: Fixed Block Browser search
    • Visual Editor: Fixed inverted typing issue
    • Visual Editor: Color tags in the editor based on the workflow stage
    • Block Library: Fixed visualization of the last item when a block is selected
    • Settings: Added a confirmation modal on deleting Preview URLs
    • Group fields: Fixed hidden display names
    • Multi-Options: Fixed component loading when the field contains more than 100 selected items

    UI/UX Improvements

    • Datasources: Minor visual improvements on the Datasources listing
    • Link field: Added the option to open an internal link in a new tab
    • Field description: Added the option to show the description as a note or as a tooltip
  • Storyblok V2: Update 5

    Changes in: appPermalink

    In this update of Storyblok's V2, we implemented the following improvements:

    General updates

    Traffic limit charges

    • We have traffic limits on different plans and have more thoroughly implemented the traffic surplus charges depending on which plan you are in when you go over your traffic limits. You will be charged accordingly via Stripe each time you do so. Please refer to your plans in your subscriptions area in the app or in our pricing here: https://www.storyblok.com/pricing. For any more details or legacy plans, please get in touch with support for more information on these traffic limits. You will be notified throughout the dashboard of your current traffic usage before you reach your limit and once you have passed your limit and been charged.

    Filters - workflow quick filter

    • Being able to quickly click on the workflow stages in the content list to set a filter and see all in this workflow.

    Digital Asset Manager Navigation

    In this update, the asset navigation received the following features:

    • Attending to the client's feedback, the folder tree is back on the page.
    • The Asset Manager has a Breadcrumb to help you easily identify the path and navigate in the folders.
    • On selecting a folder, the URL is updated with the folder ID, which means you can share the link to open the Asset Manager in a specific folder.

    Custom attributes for Link fields

    • Now you can define your own custom attributes in your links to external URLs.


    • CLI: Improved instructions
    • CLI: Implement Dimensions Datasource migration
    • CLI: Added support for China spaces
    • CLI: Added pull-languages command
    • CLI: Added exclude folders option
    • CLI: Exposed the containing stories full slug in run-migration
    • CLI: Suggest the closest match to an unknown command
    • JS: Removed enums
    • A Space owner or admin can now control the space's statistic cookie settings

    Fixed bugs

    • CLI: Error when syncing components between spaces US
    • CLI: Story status not synced
    • Field name change in UI duplicated the field in JSON
    • Datasources: Fixed the DS entry editing when the entries are filtered
    • Resolve Relations: Fixed the issue to resolve the relations with more than 25 items
    • Visual Editor: Fixed the infinite loading of stories with invalid values on the real path using the Advanced Paths App
    • Markdown: Fixed the cursor jumping to the end of the text issue
    • Blocks: Fixed the use of the preset display name on the Insert block modal
    • Blocks: Fixed the timezone calculation for Date & Time fields on the block preview
    • Richtext: Fixed the display of the discard changes modal on opening a block
    • Richtext: Fixed the permissions
    • Richtext: Fixed the breadcrumbs on accessing a block
    • Richtext: Fixed the reorder of multi-assets in a block
    • Richtext: Fixed the validation error on translatable fields
    • Block Library: Fixed the wrong message about the display name
    • Multi-options: Fixed the remove item button
    • User Count: Fixed the number of users on the organization's dashboard.
    • Preset filters: Fixed so that users have the option to save a filter immediately after adding another filter to preset
    • Filters: Fixed filtering in locale (some small general issues)
    • Traffic limits: Remove the traffic alert after 100% is hit
    • Content list: You could not go back to the content from the sidebar menu if you selected the last page of the story list within a folder
    • Pipelines: Show success toaster after pipeline deletion
    • Pipelines: Remove the pipeline creation field when the trial has finished
    • Workflows: Unable to access edit modal for the second time in a row without refresh.

    UI/UX Improvements

    • Content Browser: Added the option to open the content in a new tab
  • Storyblok V2: Going live!

    Changes in: appPermalink

    In this update of Storyblok's V2, we implemented the following improvements:

    General updates


    • New server location - US (East coast)


    • JS SDK Beta version (Removed Axios and added TypeScript)


    • Overwrite space is not updating/creating non-default languages (V1)
    • Last update and author of stories are not being restored in Space full restore
    • The Schema's default preset is not being restored in Space full restore
    • Component groups are not being restored in Space full restore
    • Default asset folder is not being restored

    Visual Editor

    • Alternative Version
    • Option to add External URL for Asset field type
    • Option to add multiple options to content-type restriction on Single-option and Multi-options field-types
    • Reload button for localhost Preview URLs

    Digital Asset Manager

    • Asset expiration date

    Releases app

    • Request review for release added to V2

    UI/UX Improvements

    • Visual Editor: Single-option and Multi-options field-types redesigned
    • Visual Editor: Tooltip remaining on navigation
    • Visual Editor: Fixed overlay issues
    • Visual Editor: Fixed changes detection for the Discard changes modal
    • Visual Editor: Fixed drag and drop
    • Visual Editor: Option to open schema easier to access
    • Asset Manager: Option to open an asset's folder
    • General: Improvements in setting focus
    • General: Confirmation modal for plan change
    • General: New layouts for generic emails sent
    • General: Search bar for Approval request
    • General: App versioning to return to V1 more easily
    • Workflow: Clickable area expanded to edit workflows

    Fixed bugs

    • When trying to create a new tag in “Entry configuration”, the tag component has unexpected behaviors
    • Backup Restore - Error on restore when the space has invitations
    • JS SDK: Breaking change in 4.5.0 with resolve_relations
    • JS SDK: Not resolving relations
    • JS SDK: Resolve assets problem
    • JS SDK: Fix TS index declarations
    • JS SDK: Fetching assets via the Storyblok management API doesn't work anymore
    • Failed backup restore error message missing
    • fieldtype property is missing on external links when created with Storyblok v2 UI
    • Visual Editor: Performance improvements
    • Visual Editor: Fixed Block actions options
    • Visual Editor: Fixed required option for Richtext and Asset fields
    • Visual Editor: Advanced Path and cached_url fixed
    • Visual Editor: Links in Richtexts fixed for non-default languages
    • Visual Editor: Unlink option in Richtexts fixed
    • Visual Editor: Several fixes on the Bridge
    • Visual Editor: Fixed Content Locking rules
    • Visual Editor: Link field-type fixes
    • Visual Editor: Fixes and improvements on changing a field type
    • Visual Editor: Numeric and bullet lists fixed
    • Visual Editor: cached_url for Stories in folders
    • Visual Editor: Blocks weren't highlighted in the content form on hovering them in the visual preview
    • Content list: Folder id is shown instead of name
    • Plugins: Interface added
    • Dashboard: My last edit links to the correct route
    • Workflows settings: Save button issues
    • Content settings: Default settings were not applying to stories
    • Content settings: Presets in V2
    • Content settings: Real path field and advanced paths
    • Content status: Status now reflected within the visual editor link field-type
    • Block Library: Reorder options fixed
    • Asset manager: Preview of .svg files fixed
    • Workflow: Permissions are now restrictive visually
    • Space signup: Partner portal user invitations to login page