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  • Plugins: Vue.js 2.5.2+

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    Vue.js 2.5.2

    We’ve restructured the way our plugins work, therefore you can now choose Vue.js 2.5.2 for your own plugin and use all of their amazing features! Besides that, we’ve also added a better error catching to plugins to resolve some questions before they even happen.

  • New: Demo Space

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    Demo Space

    When creating a new space, or after registration, you can now choose to play with a demo space which shows all capabilities of Storyblok and a basic content setup we and our customers are working with.

  • Input Event in Composer

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    • Adds debounced input event in Compose mode to allow instant rerender without refresh or only on save.
    • input now available as Event in the JavaScript Bridge
  • Universal JS Client

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    • This client is a thin wrapper for the Storyblok API’s to use in Node.js and the browser
    • Published new Universal JS Client
    • Node Client obsolete because of the new client

    Link to: New Universal JS client.

  • UI Performance update

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    • Updates to use as endpoint for the API to get rid of unnecessary OPTION calls.
    • Lazy/Skeleton loading of most Content entries
  • Component Renamer

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    • Added Component Renamer Immediate Task
    • Added Component Renamer background task
    • Changed Component renaming UI
    • Added Component renaming notice

    Component renamer

  • Stories: Sort By

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    • Adds Sort Option for Name in Content Overview filters
    • Adds Sort Option for Slug in Content Overview filters
    • Filters are now Bookmarkable.

    Filter Options

  • Conflict Resolving

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    • Added handling of concurrent editing by allowing conflict resolution if content has changed since your last edit.

    Conflict resolving

  • New: Multi Asset field

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    You want to allow mutliple image uploads in one field - guess what - you can do that now using the multi asset field type!

    multi asset

  • Changes in: app Permalink
    • Adds Published Version Link in Dropdown next to publish, to easily access not only the Draft but also the Published version of your content
    • Added Published State of Content entry right next to Publish
    • Added State to Datasource Entries

    Open Published

  • New: Username

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    • Adds username as identifier for users
    • allow collaborator invitation via username
    • rework calls to use username
  • New: Dashboard

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    • Adds Dashboard Charts
    • Adds statistics
    • Reduces Activities on Dashboard
    • Introduces Activities App
    • Introduces Activities Filters
  • Changes in: app api Permalink
    • allow more advanced mutli-choice selection
  • GDPR

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    • Adds DPA download link (English and German) to Profile section in app.
    • Adds more links to Privacy Policy to make it more accessible (even tho it was in footer)
    • We only require one thing from you to let you use our services: your e-Mail.
    • We do need your e-Mail so we can get in touch with you (password reset, onboarding, …).
    • Other can add you as collaborator using your full e-Mail.
    • We won’t send you advertisements about other services.
    • We won’t sell your information to any data brokers or similar.
    • We may need more information if you subscribe to our paid plans for invoices.
    • You can find our DPA in your “My account” section in the app.
  • Update: Rich-Text

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    Many of you asked us about a Rich-Text field in Storyblok. In the past this was only possible by creating a custom field type.

    With the new update to the Markdown field type you can easily switch to a Rich-Text editor by clicking the eye-icon or define Rich-Text as default in the schema configuration.

    We tried out a lot of Rich-Text options out there and decided to go with ProseMirror. A big advantage of this editor is that it produces Markdown compatible output and it’s highly customizable.