• Serverless Contact Form published

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    • Serverless AWS Contactform Setup was published on Github
    • Tutorial was published to explain the setup

    Serverless Contact Form

  • New: Locale App

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    Adds Locale app that will allow you to easily copy one content entry into another folder that is associated with the current folder you’re working in.

    Example and folder structure to use: The Content entry in /at-de/home does exist. A folder gb-en does also exist but does not contain the home Story yet. By using the Locale app you will be able to translate/duplicate the /at-de/home directly into gb-en and also directly group them as alternates.

  • Update: Multiple Field Types

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    • Adds new look and feel to Mutli Select to make it easier to work with.
    • Adds possibility to disable time selection in Datetime field (checkbox in advanced field-option)
    • Adds possbility to add Required to Boolean
    • Fixes issue with field sorting
    • Allow Stories as source in Mutli and Single Select
    • Add Select all in Blocks Field-type
    • Allow Multiple Selection of components in Block field type
  • Gatsby Demo published

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  • UI Performance update

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    • Updates to use as endpoint for the API to get rid of unnecessary OPTION calls.
    • Lazy/Skeleton loading of most Content entries
  • Local Plugin Development

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  • Nuxt Bootstrap Demo published

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    • Nuxt + Bootstrap Demo was published
    • Integration with Storyblok and blocks
    • Uses Demo Space as basic setup

    Get the Source on Github

  • Angular Demo published

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    Angular Demo

  • Changes in: api app mapi Permalink

    You’re now able to use the param search_term in the /stories call to search through all your content. This is also available in the free plan!

    See the docs: Stories

  • Update: Slack Integration

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    • Updated Slack Integration
    • Storyblok as an App in the SlackHQ App Marketplace

    SlackHQ App

  • New: Presets

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    As a developer, you can now define multiple default values for your components. For example, a teaser component can have three styles: - teaser with a background image - teaser with text only and solid background color - teaser with a call to action button

    To make it easier for the editor to find the necessary configuration of this three styles you can save it as presets and upload a screenshot.

    Presets Preview

  • Direct Preview

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    Many of you already saw the “Preview” button during the compose mode, now you can also enjoy our responsive preview in the free plan and on click the preview will open in a new tab so you can share it!

  • Python SDK

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    Thanks to the guys that created Alpaca we’ve now released our Python SDK so you can use the Storyblok Content Delivery API directly! You can add it to your python project by simply running:

    pip install storyblok

    Have a look at all the options and the code itself on Github.

  • Webhooks in Basic

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    Since so many of you are now working with Netlify and love the experience of combining them with our CMS we’ve now made it easier for you to do that. Use our Webhooks in the basic instead of the advanced plan only and trigger your builds on publish! Start using Webhooks now.

    Storyblok <3 Netlify

  • Asset-Folder delete confirmation

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    • Asset-Folder delete confirmation dialog was added
  • Better Relationships

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    Many of you had the question on how to create a relationship between two content-types which before was only possible with using the link field type. You can now use the Multi Options and Single Option field type and use Stories as a source.

  • Universal JS Client

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    • This client is a thin wrapper for the Storyblok API’s to use in Node.js and the browser
    • Published new Universal JS Client
    • Node Client obsolete because of the new client

    Link to: New Universal JS client.

  • Plugins: Vue.js 2.5.2+

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    Vue.js 2.5.2

    We’ve restructured the way our plugins work, therefore you can now choose Vue.js 2.5.2 for your own plugin and use all of their amazing features! Besides that, we’ve also added a better error catching to plugins to resolve some questions before they even happen.

  • New: Demo Space

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    Demo Space

    When creating a new space, or after registration, you can now choose to play with a demo space which shows all capabilities of Storyblok and a basic content setup we and our customers are working with.

  • Update: Rich-Text

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    Many of you asked us about a Rich-Text field in Storyblok. In the past this was only possible by creating a custom field type.

    With the new update to the Markdown field type you can easily switch to a Rich-Text editor by clicking the eye-icon or define Rich-Text as default in the schema configuration.

    We tried out a lot of Rich-Text options out there and decided to go with ProseMirror. A big advantage of this editor is that it produces Markdown compatible output and it’s highly customizable.

  • Changes in: app api Permalink
    • allow more advanced mutli-choice selection
  • GDPR

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    • Adds DPA download link (English and German) to Profile section in app.
    • Adds more links to Privacy Policy to make it more accessible (even tho it was in footer)
    • We only require one thing from you to let you use our services: your e-Mail.
    • We do need your e-Mail so we can get in touch with you (password reset, onboarding, …).
    • Other can add you as collaborator using your full e-Mail.
    • We won’t send you advertisements about other services.
    • We won’t sell your information to any data brokers or similar.
    • We may need more information if you subscribe to our paid plans for invoices.
    • You can find our DPA in your “My account” section in the app.
  • New: Dashboard

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    • Adds Dashboard Charts
    • Adds statistics
    • Reduces Activities on Dashboard
    • Introduces Activities App
    • Introduces Activities Filters
  • New: Username

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    • Adds username as identifier for users
    • allow collaborator invitation via username
    • rework calls to use username