• Detailed traffic statistics

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    You can now show a daily traffic statistic when clicking on a specific month in the "Traffic" tab.

  • Restrict option(s) field to content type

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    It's now possible to restrict the content type on "Option" and "Multi-Options" fields. The restriction can also be combined with a folder restriction.

  • Folder publishing/unpublishing

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    Publishing or unpublishing a folder will now also apply the action to all containing content items.

  • Multiline field descriptions

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    It's now possible to add multi-line descriptions to the content fields. Instead of a simple text field you have now a textarea to write longer descriptions.

  • Improved content filters

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    The content filter UI has been improved to allow users to filter by "Multi-Options", "Options", "Booleans", "Content items" and "Text" selecting from a list of content type attributes.

    There has also been added the new filter "Containing content item" for searching occurrences of a specific content item.

  • Markdown field - Transform paragraphs to a list

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    It's now easier to create lists out of paragraphs with the markdown field in the plain text view. Just select paragraphs, click the list button and they will automatically transformed into a list.

  • New image editor permission

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    With the new permission "Deny access to image editor" you can avoid that your editors are using the image editor to create multiple versions of the same image.

  • Find datasource by slug

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    You can now also get the datasource on the endpoints /v1/cdn/datasources/:id|:slug (Delivery api) and /v1/datasources/:id|:slug (Management api) using the slug instead of the id.

  • Sortable languages

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    Languages for field level translations are now sortable via drag and drop.

  • Filter for published and first published dates

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    Following new filters have been added to the content delivery api:

    • first_published_at_gt After a specific first published date (Format: 2018-03-03 10:00)

    • first_published_at_lt Before a specific first published date (Format: 2018-03-03 10:00)

    • published_at_gt After a specific published date (Format: 2018-03-03 10:00)

    • published_at_lt Before a specific published date (Format: 2018-03-03 10:00)

    Use cases:

    You could for example do delta updates by getting content items with the published_at_gt parameter or search for content items that have been published in a specific month by using a combination of the first_published_at_lt and first_published_at_gt filter.

  • New like filter

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    A new filter has been added to the delivery api that lets you search for a specific value with a "like" query.

    As example you could search for the author with the name "john" in a field that has the full name "John Mustermann" with like:


    Or you can also search for the authors that don't have "john" in their names with not_like:


    More infos at the delivery api documentation.

  • Show users editing a content item in realtime

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    It's now possible to see the users that are editing a content item in the toolbar. This helps you coordinate the work on big projects where multiple users are working on the same content item.

  • Custom image ratio

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    By default you can now crop your images in Storyblok choosing any size. Before the copping feature was reduced to the original image ratio and the predefined ratios 16x9, 2x3 and 1x1.

    How to use: Go to an image field of any content item and click on the image. Choose the arrow on the bottom left to crop the image.

  • Allow min and max validation on options field

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    It is now possible to set validations for minimum and maximum selected options on the "Multi-Options" field.

    The validation can be configured in the schema configuration.

  • Changes in: app mapi api Permalink

    It is now possible to set an anchor for internal links.

    The option can be enabled in the schema configuration.

  • Set position via management api

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    It is now possible to set the position of a Story via the management api using the POST (creation) and PUT (update) endpoint.

    See management api documentation

  • Improved component list view

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    At the component list view you now can see additional information like "Display name", "Is content type", "Nestable" and "Last update" date. Additionally you can sort by the more columns.

  • Improved list view

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    With the new list view you can now display and sort by content type attributes.

  • Improved Translated Slugs App

    Changes in: Permalink

    The Translatable Slug app now translates the full_slug of the story object in the delivery api. In the past you would need to call the links api to get the translated value.

    If you use link fields you can use the api parameter resolve_links=url to include the translated value of the full_slug in the link.

    To generate hreflang links for your webpage we also included alternative links in the translated_slugs array.

  • Scheduled maintenance

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    On Sunday 16.02.2020 from 01:00 until 03:00 UTC write operations of the management api will be disabled due to maintenance work. The delivery api and read operations of the management api will NOT be affected.

  • Partner Portal launched

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    We just launched our free Storyblok Partner program!

    • 🚀 Free Development Spaces
    • 🤝 Free Staff Members (for your whole team)
    • 💸 Revenue Share (coming soon)
    • 🎁 Recommendations, Perks & Benefits
    • more more more.

    Become a Storyblok Partner for free.

  • Moved owner to collaborators

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    We’ve moved the owner area into the collaborators, so all users are handled in one specific area rather than split up.

  • Improved Invitation for Collaborators

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    We’ve improved the invitation process for new collaborators. As soon as you send an invitation to a new user that does not exist they will be able to register and will be added to the space without an additional step. You can stop pending invitations from this area as well.

    1. Settings -> Users Tab.
    2. Enter Email and send Invitation.
    3. Collaborator will be able to register.
    4. Collaborator has access to your space.
  • Publish translations individually

    Changes in: app api Permalink

    We are excited to launch a new feature that the users that are using field level translations will love. It's now possible to enable a setting to publish and unpublish translations individually.

    When enabling this feature the users can publish their individual translations to avoid that another user accidentally publishes an unfinished translation.

    The feature doesn't work yet with the "Releases" app and duplicating a content item will not take over the published content in other languages but we are working hard to make this last adjustments.

  • Changes in: app api mapi Permalink

    In large projects finding a specific content item can be difficult. Beside the full text search you have now the possibility to browse your project folders. Additionally, more link types like “Mail” and “File” have been added.