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We believe any merchant should always be in control of their ecommerce business. Only when being in full control over the complete business, from back-end to front-end, can they achieve true ecommerce excellence. Deity is here to give that full control. To give the freedom to build what businesses truly need. Like a DJ being in control of the music, who with many different instruments composes a masterpiece, Deity enables businesses to orchestrate all commerce services and data streams, creating a unique shopping experience. Composable Commerce at its best: not just connecting API’s together, but truly composing your commerce. With Deity as the crucial centerpiece in the composable and headless world. Deity is not just another commerce service or pwa front-end. Deity is a tool, a platform, a control panel, the mixing table. Take over true control of all your different instruments, of all your commerce services, with Deity as your equalizer.