April update: Presets, Relationship, Webhooks, Vue 2.5+

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    We are happy to announce multiple new features for developers and content editors alike. Let us start with our new “Presets” - a feature that brings a better editing experience to content editors.

    What are “Presets”?

    As a developer, you can now define multiple default values for your components. For example, a teaser component can have three styles: - teaser with a background image - teaser with text only and solid background color - teaser with a call to action button

    To make it easier for the editor to find the necessary configuration of this three styles you can save it as presets and upload a screenshot.

    Presets in Storyblok

    Demo Space

    When creating a new space you can choose to play with a demo space which shows all capabilities of Storyblok and a basic content setup we and our customers are working with.

    Choose Adventure

    Plugins: Vue.js 2.5.2+

    We’ve restructured the way our plugins work, therefore you can now choose Vue.js 2.5.2 for your own plugin and use all of their amazing features! Besides that, we’ve also added a better error catching to plugins to resolve some questions before they even happen.

    Vuejs 2.5.2


    Many of you had the question on how to create a relationship between two content-types which before was only possible with using the link field type. You can now use the Multi Options and Single Option field type and use Stories as a source.



    Since so many of you are now working with Netlify and love the experience of combining them with our CMS we’ve now made it easier for you to do that. Use our Webhooks in the basic instead of the advanced plan only and trigger your builds on publish! Start using Webhooks now.

    Storyblok <3 Netlify

    Responsive Preview

    Many of you already saw the “Preview” button during the compose mode, now you can also enjoy our responsive preview in the free plan!

    What’s next?

    As you know we’re always searching for a way to improve Storyblok to get a better experience for you – therefore we would love to receive your feedback! Let us know which features you would love to see next: request a feature.

    Have a great day!