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How to really start with React - 6 Tutorials

I'm Daniel from Hero Gaming and we're using React for most of our applications. React itself allows you to work with it in less than 30 minutes if you have basic knowledge of HTML and JS. Nevertheless, down below you will find guides on how to start with react, redux and routing.

Reactjs-org Tic-tac-toe tutorial

Tic-Tac-Toe - Reactjs.org

After visiting the landing page for React most of you already clicked on the Tutorials menu tab, which is already one of the best onboardings you can have for React. You will be guided through the whole setup of your very own React tic-tac-toe app while learning everything you need to know to get started.


React's most basic by James K Nelson

This article is a new version of the "Learn raw react" he wrote earlier. It will cover the new version of react, live coding examples, and you will also experience some animated fractal trees. James is on point as he walks you through the basics as reactjs.org does also - but: with a personal touch.

Create react apps with no configuration

Create a basic React app with no configuration

This one is also a tutorial directly done on the reactjs.org website, but now without the surrounding "What is react" with the focus on how to get started with the react CLI. If you already have learned the basics and only look for a quick way to start new projects - this is the tutorial for you.

React how to by petehunt

Your guide to the React ecosystem by Petehunt

@petehunt was one of the original members of the Facebook team that built and open-sourced React. Since he is no longer at Facebook (now CEO at Smyte, you will find yourself with a less opinionated view at React. Pete's howto allows you to dive into the ecosystem by covering the basics, JavaScript Bundling and even Routing. A special mention to the contributors that helped translate that 9.750+ Stars Readme to 18 different languages.

State management with react using redux

State management with Redux by Dan Abramov

Dan Abramov introduces you to Redux in this egghead lessons. For all you who do not know Dan yet, he is the creator of Redux itself - so one could say he knows exactly what he is talking about. His 30 free videos help you to get started with redux and you can follow those up by another set of 27 free videos that let you dive into how to build a React app with idiomatic Redux.

Reacttraining Router

ReactTraining: Routing with React

One topic that you will have to learn about is routing in React apps, for this, you will most likely use React Router, and to understand that you can have a look at Reacttraining. They cover the routing aspects for Web and Native. It's a more technical approach but after reading the tutorials above you should be fit to follow those as well.


There are hundreds of good tutorials that will let you start with React in just a few minutes, those above helped us and covered most of our questions - not only at the beginning but also if you have to look something up.


Daniel Krenmayr

Daniel Krenmayr

Daniel is experienced in all stages of development he builds handcrafted interfaces, websites, (real-time) apps and campaigns for web. Currently he is working for Netural with main focus on the React ecosystem. Feel free to drop him a message in the comments.