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What is a free Business plan for agencies?

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  • What is a free Business plan for agencies?

When becoming our partner, we want you to try our amazing features on yourself and to feel extremely comfortable with our CMS. To achieve this, every new partner is granted exclusive access to one free Business plan license to build or migrate their agency website to Storyblok, thereby taking advantage of all the features Storyblok has to offer. 

  • Free License: The Business Plan license access is given to all of our partners to let you and your team build your agency website with Storyblok. It’s completely free and yours forever! It’s important to note that this exclusive opportunity grants only one free license per partner. 
  • Free Team Members: You are able to add as many team members as you want within your Partner Portal. It’s also free of charge.
  • Free  Development Spaces: You and your team can work on any number of projects prior to licensing, according to your needs - again, completely free forever!