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We've been busy!

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Since we relaunched the Partner Portal a few months ago, we’ve been quite busy working on new updates and developments to provide you with the best Partner experience you’ll find, along with the best sales enablement material that’ll help you with faster selling.

Some of our updates came directly from feedback from our Partners, so first and foremost, we’d like to thank all our Partners for your honest and continuous feedback & suggestions. We appreciate your thoughts & welcome them with open arms!

We launched the Partner Portal some months ago and with it our brand new Learning Center which contained seven lessons. We’ve added three new courses for you and your team to breeze through and learn more about how to grow your business with Storyblok. The three new courses we’ve added are:

  • Secure with Storyblok: A six-lesson course about Storyblok’s security, hosting, privacy, etc. We’ve also added all the security documentation to the Documents tab in the Portal, in case you need to review it manually or share specific documents with your customers.

  • Maximizing Storyblok’s Functionality: A eight-lesson course for developers to further their knowledge of Storyblok and how to extend it’s features for their benefit.

  • How to Manage Your Digital Project with Storyblok: A five-lesson course for both developers and creators to understand how they can take advantage of Storyblok’s collaborative features to work together in tandem without skipping a beat.

We’ve also buffed up our sales enablement material inside the documentation, providing you with top-level battle-cards, presentations, and even sales inserts to help bolster your own sales decks.

We’re working hard on adding more courses, documentation, and features to provide you with the smoothest partner experience. Should you have any ideas for things we can add, please don’t hesitate to get in touch with the Partner team and let us know your thoughts. We love your feedback!

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