All you need to know about the Vue Storefront Summit 2021: Recap

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    In the last week, the first-ever remote-only Vue Storefront Summit took place with 25 speakers worldwide, with 1810 registrations and 95 countries represented, coming out to listen to leading updates in Vue Storefront, eCommerce, development insights, and future solutions. 

    This article will highlight a recap of the summit and our very own Head of Developer Relations, Samuel Snopko’s deep-dive into the future of headless eCommerce. 


    Vue Storefront is a headless and backend-agnostic eCommerce Progressive Web App (PWA) written in Vue.js. Using a headless architecture allows Vue Storefront to connect with any eCommerce platform and headless CMS.

    The future of Vue Storefront: Vue Storefront 2

    To kick off the summit, Patrick Friday, CEO at Vue Storefront, announced the future of Vue Storefront with an upgrade and production-ready Vue Storefront 2, present and future integrations available, and an introduction to what was to come for the conference. 

    Leading off from that, another talk presented by Vue Storefront’s co-founder, and CTO, Filip Rakowski, led on with presenting the architecture and ecosystem of the upcoming next-generation Storefront.

    Notable talks

    While the conference was jam-packed with a plethora of talks till the very last second, we won’t be going over every single talk, but rather honorably mention a few that made lasting impressions, and are sure to pave their way in both developer and marketer minds.  

    Some honorable mentions were: 

    In it all, Lukas’ talk presented a quick in-depth demo on connecting headless CMS’ to the new Storefront architecture, Aditya’s presentation covering the usage of Vue’s Storefront UI to drive down the time and money spent creating eCommerce themes on CMS’, Patrick’s on the entire infrastructure and making of the new system upgrade, and Filip’s discussion on integrating payment solutions to Vue Storefront, your eCommerce provider and headless CMS. 

    The eCommerce highlights: Spryker, Commercetools, and more

    Most notably, however, were the talks presented by some of our fellow eCommerce partners and integrations about the move to the Vue Storefront 2 ecosystem and its impact on headless systems. eCommerce partners such as commercetools, Spryker, Shopware, and Shopify were amongst Storyblok-ready eCommerce partners present at the summit. Let’s take a look at the highlights in their talks. 

    With the need for speed to market, headless, content-led, and commerce-led solutions, commercetool’s Ivo Bronsveld offers an ingenious solution and live demo of using commercetools’ API playground, Merchant Center, and Microservices Approach to seamlessly integrate commercetools via Vue Storefront to your headless CMS of choice. 

    Instead of using one-size-fits-all technology, Patel and Rana delve into the makings of their ‘composable commerce’ integration feature to pair the next generation of Shopify’s Storefront API, to the likes of a connector such as GraphQL or the Shopify Buy SDK, then to Vue Storefront. 

    Maciej shared great knowledge for developers in getting to know Shopware-PWA’s integration, and how to set up a local environment through Vue Storefront. 

    Developers strive to reduce complexity as they keep working on new features and functionality. Alex shared Spryker’s goal to continuously create more engaging user experiences, the number of new channels and touchpoints, enabling marketers into the day-to-day job of managing job, more 3rd party vendor integrations to maintain the ‘best of breed’ with their integration via Vue Storefront and headless content management systems for enterprise-grade commerce. 

    The future of Headless eCommerce 

    We were lucky to join the Vue Storefront Summit as both a technology partner and guest speaker, with our very own talk and great technical demo hosted by Samuel Snopko. Sam’s talk presented the capabilities of Storyblok’s headless CMS with the entire landscape of the future of eCommerce, the advantages to headless solutions built towards an eCommerce solution with tools such as Nuxt.js, Vue Storefront, commercetools, and Storyblok could pave the way to innovative storefront components, new market opportunities, and omnichannel capabilities. If you could not catch the talk at the summit, check it out in the video below: 

    Key takeaways

    While the conference took place online amid the pandemic, the organizers did a great job in moderating the Q&As, networking events, and sharing the latest good news with the community as the conference ran like clockwork. With Vue Storefront’s impressive growth, their online community will be shifting from Slack to Discord for a more immersive developer experience community so make sure to follow their move in the next coming weeks. In the meantime, the organizers are offering the recordings of the summit’s talks via this link

    From all of us at Storyblok, we had a great time attending the event, and having the opportunity to continuously learn, and meet new people in the headless eCommerce community.