New eBook: The Roadmap for Joining Storyblok

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    Storyblok is the first headless CMS that works for developers & marketers alike.

    The main reason why Storyblok was founded in 2017 was due to the fact that our founders were striving to find a Content Management System (CMS) that would work for both developers and marketers while they were building digital experiences for their large-scale agency clients. They built Storyblok as a solution to provide companies with a CMS that would actually give businesses a tool that would work for everyone on the team, while giving them a platform to build better digital experiences more efficiently.

    We stand true to our origins as we strive to build the future of digital storytelling with Storyblok’s CMS. With that in mind, we work hard on making your journey to discovering and choosing Storyblok for your projects easy and straightforward. It is our pleasure to announce the publication of our newest eBooks dedicated to the Roadmap for Joining Storyblok.

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    Do you know what makes Storyblok the right choice for your next project?

    The main goal of the eBook is to answer that question for you and your clients. In addition, we’ll tell you how to build a best-of-breed portfolio with Storyblok, how to make the switch when it comes to website migration and content delivery, and how to hand over a Storyblok project to your clients while taking advantage of your Revenue Share partner benefit.

    Here is what you can read about in the Roadmap for Joining Storublok eBook:

    • Embrace the speed of digital transformation: If you are thinking that digitalization is the future, you are very wrong. The right way of looking at it is in the present as we all live in a digital world and crave digital experiences that include remote workspaces, online shopping, entertainment, medical services, dating, etc. Your clients need to start their digital transformation journey in order to stay attractive to their consumers and target markets.

    • Partner with Storyblok: As a solution agency that understands the need to transform your clients’ businesses to provide a digital experience for their consumers, we suggest partnering with Storyblok, the #1 Content Management System (CMS) in the world. Find out why agencies choose and enjoy having Storyblok as their partner.

    • Approach projects with a best-of-breed architecture: There is no one-size-fits-all digital platform, and there shouldn’t be. Since every business is unique and there are thousands of options in the technology world today, you should always go for a best-of-breed solution. For that purpose, we built Storyblok with a robust and flexible plugin system to give our customers the power to extend Storyblok with custom applications or fields. Find out more about Storyblok’s integrations with our technology partners.

    • Making the Switch: Don’t worry, we know how difficult and stressful a website migration can be. Therefore, we’ll hold your hand when you are ready to jump over on our side. Our documentation, scripts, developer engineers, and supportive community will guide you through the process. Find out more about content migration and delivery with Storyblok.

    • Making it official: We give you the freedom to create an unlimited number of developer spaces for all of your customer projects in one place. However, when you and your team are near the end of a project, you will need to provide access to your customer so that they can activate the required licenses for their space, add content, and go live. Find out about Storyblok’s licensing guidelines, how to get a customer licensed, why your customer holds the license, and how Storyblok can support your customer.

    • Sharing is caring: One of the many benefits of the Storyblok Partner Program is ‘revenue share’. Yes, on top of Storyblok being free for partners to use, our partners can make extra earnings from their clients’ subscriptions. Since your clients will be paying a monthly/yearly subscription fee for Storyblok access, our partners are entitled to a percentage of the subscription fee, the ‘revenue share’. Find out how it works and how to receive your revenue share.

    From beginning to end, we guide you through your journey of discovering Storyblok, making the switch, onboarding your clients, and enjoying the benefits of our partnership. So, buckle up, download the Roadmap to Joining Storyblok eBook, and let’s get going!