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Storyblok: the magic wand for content editors

Laura Gavrilă
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Storyblok is the first headless CMS that works for developers & marketers alike.

Do you need another reason to convince your clients that Storyblok is the way to go?
Here it is: Storyblok is one of the easiest, most user-friendly tools for content editors, basically a magic wand for generating content and user journeys.

But don’t take our word for it! Looking at our users’ reviews, it seems they agree with us: we have a 9.7/10 “Ease to Use rating” and in the following article we will discover why.

Section titled Our one-of-a-kind visual editor Our one-of-a-kind visual editor

Storyblok is the only headless CMS who offers their users a visual editor with real-time in context preview. This feature empowers content creators and marketers to create omnichannel experiences without coding. They will be able to edit their content with an in context preview, including the possibility to click on Components in their website.

An example of the visual editor

Read more about our Visual Editor.

Section titled Our highly customizable richtext editor Our highly customizable richtext editor

When it comes to content creation, Storyblok, once again, hits it out of the park. As one of the most powerful RTEs (Richtext editor) on the market, it saves the content in a structured JSON format and you can customize the sticky toolbar for each field type and user individually. More than that, users can insert blocks and components inline, thus extending the functionality of the editor to render custom elements. This feature can also be customized by restricting the type of componentes they can add.

There is also another very helpful feature of importing previously written content from Markdown.

Having a highly customizable toolbar will help you simplify the interface for content editors by not overwhelming them with unnecessary options.

Section titled Our unparalleled content model Our unparalleled content model

As you know, one of the main benefits of a headless CMS is overcoming the challenges of siloed content that is managed manually, and making fast changes that are implemented across all channels.

There are two different components you can create in Storyblok: Content-type and Blok. These enable you to create templates for your stories, like Blog Post, Product-page or FAQ entry, with the added value of being able to reuse these templates. Additionally, you can whitelist only certain components per template to ensure the editor is following the desired style guide set out in the project’s design.

Bloks have unlimited nestability and are reusable. Each of the two components has a schema, basically a defined set of fields.

Section titled What's in it for you What's in it for you

As you may have experienced, the responsibility of training the clients and the creation of extensive documentation is quite a time and energy consuming activity when it comes to legacy CMSs. In trying to fulfill every need, these types of CMSs have a very loaded interface and each created page can have different fields and settings.

Best practices dictate that the documentation for the content editors will contain detailed instructions, a custom step by step guide, for each page and field.

According to our partners, writing this documentation for a legacy CMS can take up to 25 hours, depending on the project. Of course, to deliver this guide, multiple real-time training sessions are necessary, each taking up to three hours.

Then, during the training, they would go through each page of the documentation and click through the CMS with the content editors. A very tedious process which has to be repeated for every new hire.

To this you can also add the time spent updating said documentation and even tailoring it for different teams.

With Storyblok things became much easier! They stopped using documented guides and instead focused on a much more visual approach. Instead of going through each page or template, they would train the teams on field types using visual aids like video materials and the actual finished project. This way they would create a video per template and skip the time-consuming writing of a documentation. The video library is much easier to use, reference, share and, as an added bonus, it can be used for training the new hires.

In their experience, with Storyblok, a traditional 1 hour session can be done in 20 minutes. Thus, they gained an efficiency of 66%.

Section titled Resources Resources

As our partners, we want to support you in training your clients. Aside from the extensive documentation for developers, over 100 FAQs, and live support, we also have other resources for you.

Section titled Our youtube channel Our youtube channel

On our youtube channel you will find a number of short editor guides which you can use both as they are and as an inspiration for your own tutorials. We recommend you to keep them as short and as simple as possible, to give clear titles for easy referencing and to focus on one thing per video.

Section titled Our partner portal Our partner portal

As our partners you can join the Partner Portal and in the near future benefit from access to our LMS (Learning Management System). You will be the first to know when a new learning opportunity is available which provides access to educational & promotional material, white-label sales decks as well as technical implementation guides to enable faster selling.

One of the courses we will offer will be on Editor Training Basics, meant to help you empower your clients in using their magic wand: Storyblok.


Learn more about the Partner Portal here.

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