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Storyblok's first team retreat: uniting across continents in Barcelona

Life at Storyblok
Olena Teselko
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Learn how Storyblok held its first team retreat in Barcelona.

In the world of remote-first companies, Storyblok stands out as a model of collaboration and diversity. With a team spread across 45+ countries, building a close-knit work environment comes with its challenges. While we are used to working asynchronously, building relationships might be more challenging.

Yet, Storyblok has met these challenges head-on, emphasizing connection among its 230+ team members. We held our first team retreat in Barcelona in October 2023, which, as we plan, will become the inaugural event for the new tradition.

Celebrating diversity

Our team is like a diverse mix of people from different backgrounds and experiences, making us creative and innovative. We work remotely with team members all over the world in 45+ countries. While this lets us bring in talent from everywhere, it also means we don't get to meet our colleagues face-to-face very often.

Even though we come from different cultures, we've got this incredible way of getting along. We've created a work environment where everyone respects each other, and we appreciate what makes each person unique. Our team isn't just a bunch of people working together; we've figured out how to talk to each other well, even though we're far apart.

One remarkable thing about our team is how open we are to learning about each other's cultures. Whether chatting online, having online events, learning new words in different languages, or sharing stories about where we're from, we make sure everyone feels included and valued. We believe that our strength comes from working together towards our goals, while appreciating the cool things that make each of us different.

As we keep working from all over the world, Storyblok is still all about making sure everyone feels like they belong. Our team's ability to combine different cultures makes us strong and creative. We know that the best ideas come when we embrace our differences and use them as our superpowers.

The long-awaited meetup

The dream of bringing the team together was initially planned from the company's inception but was delayed due to the challenges of the global pandemic. Nevertheless, with resilience and optimism, Storyblok seized the opportunity in 2023 to unite the entire team in the vibrant city of Barcelona.

3 days of productivity and connection

The retreat spanned three days, blending work and leisure activities. Team members actively participated in valuable discussions, meetings, collaborations, and brainstorming sessions with the goal of driving Storyblok's mission forward. Face-to-face interactions became a powerful tool as colleagues who had only communicated virtually, finally met in person, strengthening the bonds forged through screens.

Together, we not only discussed work-related topics but also had an opportunity to spend time together as friends. Each day, we had various activities: running, sightseeing, yoga, bus tours, museums, and even a barista lesson! This allowed each team member to relax, know others better, and share many exciting moments together. 

Building on success

Storyblok's journey has been one of rapid growth and achievement. In 2022, the company expanded its team from 100+ to over 230 members after securing an impressive $47 million in Series B funding. This growth not only reflected numerical progress, but also the diverse talent driving Storyblok's success. The team, united by common values and a shared dedication to building the best CMS, has set new standards for what content can achieve for its customers.

Wrapping up

The inaugural team retreat in Barcelona marked a significant milestone in Storyblok's history. Beyond the picturesque setting and shared experiences, it reinforced the importance of personal connections in a world often dominated by virtual interactions.

As Storyblok continues to innovate and set benchmarks in the industry, the memories of the Barcelona retreat will serve as a testament to the power of unity and the strength that diversity brings to a remote yet closely-knit team.