How to leverage Jamstack for your client projects

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    Storyblok is the first headless CMS that works for developers & marketers alike.

    At Storyblok, we are a team of tech fanatics who love blazing fast and secure websites and, most importantly, great developer experiences. To summarize, we strive for simplicity and ease when it comes to web development. But that’s not all! We want our partners to have the same developer experience as us, which is why we want to talk to you about the beauty of Jamstack and offer you a mini course where your developers can learn how to pair the Storyblok CMS with Nuxt.js in order to create a feature-rich site that's cheap, simple, and performant to host and serve.

    It is an 18-lessons, 1-hour intermediate course which you can access here: Jamstack - The Complete Guide.

    Image: complete list of lessons in the Jamstack course

    Jamstack is the future of web development, no joke! It is a term that describes a modern web development architecture based on JavaScript, APIs, and Markup. To better understand this concept, we have explained what it is and the benefits of using it in our Jamstack explained in 5 minutes article.

    To give you a sneak peek into this course, you will take a deeper dive into Jamstack with Nuxt.js. This powerful meta-framework built on top of Vue.js will enable your developers to work with technologies you’re already familiar with and get static site generation support for free. You will also see how to utilize Storyblok’s CMS, to act as a headless CMS for the statically generated site. Our powerful CMS comes with:

    • an intuitive developer API

    • live site previews that update as content creators type

    • and support for draft and published content

    By the end of the course, you’ll have hands-on experience building a site for Jamstack that clearly doesn’t skimp on features and content management while still being simple, cheap, performant, and secure.