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Storyblok's remote pet event celebrates furry co-workers

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Olena Teselko
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As a fully remote company, Storyblok has found a way to bring a little extra joy to the workday. While our team cherishes the benefits of remote work, they also have a few furry co-workers who make their daily tasks even more enjoyable. The company recently hosted a heartwarming virtual pet event, celebrating the charming pets and giving back to animal welfare organizations.

Embracing remote work and furry companions

Storyblok is a fully remote company where team members have the privilege of working from the comfort of their own homes. One unique aspect of this remote work culture is the freedom it offers to invite beloved pets into the daily work routine. 

Many Storyblokers have companionship and entertainment during the workday, and they like to share it with others. For instance, there is a dedicated Slack channel called "Pets," where the team shares photos or videos of their furry friends. Sometimes, you can even meet some of them during meetings and calls, which definitely brings fun and joy. 

A virtual pet event for all

To make remote work even more enjoyable and foster a sense of togetherness among our distributed team, Storyblok's Internal Events team organized a virtual pet event that lasted from International Cat Day on August 8 to International Dog Day on August 25. 

This event was designed to celebrate the unique bond between humans and their pets, providing an opportunity for employees to introduce their adorable four-legged co-workers to their colleagues.

The event featured several activities and contests that engaged everyone, pet owners and non-pet owners alike. This included trivia questions, icebreaker-style discussions in Slack, and two exciting contests that anyone could enter:

1. "Pets at work" photo contest: Team members were encouraged to share pictures of their pets "at work." This could be a shot of a cat lounging on a keyboard or a dog enthusiastically participating in a Zoom meeting.

2. Funny animal videos contest: For those who didn't have pets but wanted to join the fun, the event included a competition where participants could share hilarious animal videos. Laughter and heartwarming moments were the main criteria for success.

Photos of the adorable Storyblok pets

Photos of the adorable Storyblok pets

The results: A cuteness overload

The final part of the event was the voting phase, where the team could give their votes for the most adorable and entertaining pet photos and videos. The results were very cute and funny as pets showcased their talents and personalities.

Here are a few of the adorable winners:

  • Best "Pets at work" photo: A kitten perched on a laptop keyboard with wide, curious eyes.
  • Funniest animal video: A mischievous puppy getting caught stealing a sock and making a comical escape.
Photos of winners of the Storyblok pet event

Winners with their prizes.

Each winner received a pet bowl or water bottle as a special treat. Additionally, Storyblok encouraged its employees to choose a pet-related charity to support in honor of their victory.

Giving love back: Supporting pet-related charities

In the spirit of giving back, Storyblok pledged donations to several pet-related charities. The company made contributions to the following organizations:

  • Soi Dog Thailand
  • Fundacion Danino
  • Future 4 Paws
  • Fundación Paraíso de la Mascota
  • UAnimals

This gesture not only celebrated the love and companionship of pets but also made a meaningful impact on the lives of animals in need. 

The event showcased the company's commitment to fostering a sense of community, even in a distributed work environment, and their dedication to giving back. It's a shining example of how a company can create a positive and inclusive work culture, both for its team and its beloved pets.

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