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Storyblok joins the MACH Alliance

Life at Storyblok
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As we steam-roll through the digital age, the need for agile, future-proof developments for consumers remains at an all time high, and so companies and organizations have had to adapt and keep up to the ever-growing, ever-changing market. This digital transformation needs revolutionary solutions, and among them are the MACH principles.

Section titled Living by Principles

The MACH principles are a set of technology principles that focus on the latest best-of-breed platforms, and stands for Microservices, API-first, Cloud-native, and Headless.

  • Microservices: individual pieces of functionality that are independently developed.
  • API-first: all application functionality created through API, creating the ability to tie two or more applications together.
  • Cloud-native: employing SaaS (Software as a service) to host, store, and update all functionality.
  • Headless: Front-end decoupled from the back-end, providing freedom of design for creating user interfaces for multiple channels.

Section titled Why follow the MACH principles?

The MACH principles provide an innovative solution towards creating and launching next generation architecture and building new experiences quickly and efficiently. Additionally, as the MACH principles adhere to the best-of-breed approach, organizations can easily add and replace tools as needed, unlike on monolithic structures.

Due to working with structured or atomic content, the way in which content moves within its ecosystem has been radically transformed. Content creators are now decoupled from developers due to CMS platforms, giving them the freedom to power on without leaning on developers for miniscule changes or edits. Simply put, the way we work has evolved along with our technology. For a content editor to get the most out of any Headless CMS, they need the following features to maximize their potential:

  • A user-friendly interface to ensure the content editors have a smooth and seamless experience.
  • Internationalization tools to help you reach a global audience.
  • Built-in tools for collaboration and planning.
  • The ability to deliver an omnichannel experience at scale.

Section titled A Principled Consumer Journey

These principles have led to the evolution of the consumer journey, and COVID-19 played a big role in changing customer expectations. Each customer now expects a customized and personalized omni-channel experience all throughout their purchasing journey. Content editors have had to adapt the way they function to meet these new needs; and with the assistance of headless CMS, content editors can create with the guarantee that their output will have a uniform look across laptops, phones, or even watches.

Section titled Storyblok has joined the MACH Alliance

Storyblok is proud to announce that we have joined the MACH Alliance, a group of independent, future-thinking tech companies dedicated to advocating for open, best- of-breed technology ecosystems. The MACH Alliance formed in June 2020 as a non-profit co-operation to introduce a new, open and best-of-breed enterprise technology ecosystem. It is_ _the collective voice of a new generation of vendors and implementation companies offering MACH-compliant products and services. Members of the Alliance have all passed a rigorous test that certifies their adherence to MACH principles.

We believe that the MACH principles are the future of the eCommerce industry. The ability to change and adapt to your consumers needs at a moment's notice, while being in complete sync with your developers and content editors due to headless decoupled structure certainly is the future, and it certainly is here.

“The old siloed approach to content management isn’t good enough anymore. Storyblok was founded on the same strong values that are represented by the MACH Alliance and its members, and we can’t think of a better group to be a part of. Together, we can help companies build better digital experiences.” - Dominik Angerer, co-founder and CEO of Storyblok.

Section titled Why did Storyblok join the MACH alliance?

We joined the MACH Alliance in order to advocate, support and champion the best-of-breed technologies and user-experience that a headless CMS can have - helping enterprises and organizations to manage and orchestrate their content for the future. We trust in our headless CMS that is made for developers, marketers and content editors alike, that stands exactly to the MACH principles that is readied for an omnichannel-consumption world.

The future belongs to a magnitude of ecosystems that are formed with technologies such as microservices, API-first, cloud-native and SaaS (Software-as-a-Service), that ultimately brings us towards a headless set up. Joining the MACH Alliance allows us to further bring exactly those key elements to enterprises and set them up for success.