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Running a business is a never-ending story that includes strategy optimization, taking care of resources, constant market analysis, human resources management, thinking of innovations, software development, data maintenance, and much more. Having a concrete enterprise profile requires a great content management system to orchestrate the whole business seamlessly. One of the greatest and trendiest solutions here is outsourcing. It enables third parties to take care of your business needs which lets you concentrate on other important issues, in which you are an expert. While transferring the idea of outsourcing to the software area, the best thing to do is to outsource related tasks to the vendor that can not only take care of your data, but also enhance them and take them to the next level. We, at Storyblok know how to do it best, and are strongly convinced that you don’t have to do all of this alone.

Let us do it for you

SaaS (Software as a Service) is a cloud-based solution that provides online application access. It provides data access, in which software can be accessible through the cloud - that also means through any device with internet access. The fact that the servers, data codes, and the whole database are hosted by a software provider entails multiple benefits. We are really into helping our partners create amazing digital experiences for their clients - check out why we, at Storyblok, love to do things for you as a best-of-breed SaaS software.

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Tangible savings

SaaS is largely about saving, firstly in terms of costs: As the software is based on the cloud, expenditures of the installation process, upgrades, and maintenance are eliminated. Most often, it’s based on the subscription model, either on a monthly or regular basis. Moreover, you can take advantage of pay-as-you-go pricing models. At Storyblok, according to our pricing model, we allow businesses to pay exclusively for features or functions our partners/clients are using - so paying on unused licensing is excluded and the service’s access plan can be modified flexibly. This is actually a great opportunity for smaller businesses, as thanks to this aspect the financial risk can be reduced. Moreover, the usage plan can be modified flexibly when the business scales.

Intangible savings

Savings that we can’t see at first sight are often those that will be the long-term ones. So is the situation when using a SaaS. Thanks to the fact that all the technical issues are on service providers, you can save your precious time and use it for the things that you are best at. Otherwise, this time would probably have to be used for software deployment, applications installation and so on. A privilege in delegating these activities also means savings in human resources, as it eliminates the need of having other IT departments to manage technical issues on your platform.

Scalability & Compatibility

Operating in a cloud-based solution means that it’s extremely easy to extend a platform with additional applications when needed in the future. SaaS is also flexible in terms of integrating with other systems or services that can fuel overall business growth. Storyblok’s users know it from experience, because thanks to the API-based approach, there is no need to purchase any additional plugins. Thanks to this, a platform created with Storyblok can be modified in a way that connects all the needed integrations which fit perfectly to the current state and profile of the business. It also lets our users add new components which are reusable and nestable.


We all, at some point in our lives, took advantage of contacting a service desk support in a given situation, be it technical or more day-to-day concerns. A SaaS solution can be viewed the same way: as assistance for software cases. Since the installation process, upgrades, or data maintenance are provided by an experienced vendor, you don’t have to worry about it anymore. Moreover, a modern SaaS provider, like Storyblok, keeps an eye on the latest technical innovations and trends to streamline your processes in the best possible way. That means that you can expect the most modern, updated, and best-of-breed solution.

Safety first

In times of the rising popularity of remote jobs, it happens that employees work from their own devices which are susceptible to cyber attacks or data loss. SaaS addresses this concern with data accessible through the cloud where it remains secure, for example, in case of a thread that hits the server. Strong back-up support provided by experienced individuals can give a revealing peace of mind and let the company concentrate on content governance. Best in the market SaaS solutions stand out with data protection certificates. We want you to feel the safest, and you don’t have to take our word for it: Storyblok received the ISO-270001 Certification, which is the highest standard in terms of data security management. It applies to everything from financial information to user data and employee details.

Easy in use

Software based on a cloud is intuitive and easy to use, as they are created to provide agile solutions for multiple enterprises with different profiles. It is available from any place with access to the internet, so the subscribers can log-in and process their tasks from any device and from any place. A perfect one should also have an option to download and install multiple applications and plugins to avoid additional program deployment. A great example of this is our Storyblok AppStore as well as the API approach which enables content delivery on any platform. We also have another nice-to-have feature for a CMS based on software which is the possibility to take advantage of a dedicated learning center. As a great, up-to-date CMS solution with SaaS approach that is accessible to any user (even non-tech persons), we believe that being there for our partners is not a nice-to-have feature anymore - it’s a must have.

Key Takeaways

Getting things done on your own within your business is possible, but why would you do that if you can outsource processes to third parties? This is actually what SaaS is about. As in other outsourced kinds of tasks, while delegating software-related cases, you can save time and use it for streamlining business processes and greater productivity. Saved resources let you invest in areas where your company needs it at most. You can scale your enterprise whenever you want to and keep your software compatible with any frameworks, having the data maintained in a safe place. A wide scope of customization can be kept as well, in order to tailor your business to any business profile. And, what’s most important - we at Storyblok want to keep it as easy and intuitive as possible. Let us assist you in your software journey and do for you the things we are best at. We love to let you do the things you are best at.

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