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PIA UDG - Your Digital Customer Experience Partner

Ana Ilievska
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Storyblok is the first headless CMS that works for developers & marketers alike.

In today’s digital world, businesses are moving away from complicated projects. They now focus on a flexible and solution-oriented approach. The goal is to create tailored solutions at lower cost. The pandemic has also made businesses rethink their models. Now, many are adopting a modular approach, making them more flexible in how they develop things.

Our partner agency PIA UDG understands these shifts and needs best. That’s why they focus on finding the best solutions for their client. By working together, they can pick the right paths. This simpler approach removes unnecessary complications from projects.

PIA UDG - Storyblok's Partner of the Month

PIA UDG, part of the PIA Group, is one of the leading agencies for digital customer experience, user experience, and marketing/sales transformation in the DACH region. The digital agency combines the disciplines of:

  • Consulting
  • Insights & Strategy
  • Brand & Creativity
  • User Experience
  • Technology & Platforms
  • Data & Analytics

Section titled PIA UDG: Creating outstanding customer experiences

Their range of professional services covers various essential perspectives. These include business strategy consulting and brand management. PIA UDG specializes in creating outstanding UX/UI and customer journey concepts. They also ensure accessibility per the Web Content Accessibility Guidelines (WCAG).

Furthermore, their teams deliver best-in-class content strategy, creative services, and data-driven marketing solutions. Their technology portfolio and expertise in headless web development enable a successful digital touchpoint experience. They’re Google-certified to optimize mobile experiences and enhance digital business channels with conversion rate optimizations (CRO).

PIA UDG’s expertise lies in the B2B and B2B2C sectors. They focus on automotive, manufacturing, mechanical engineering, pharma, medtech, healthcare, and financial services. In addition, around 1,000 PIA Group experts support customers in the digital transformation of their individual business models and sustainable growth, ensuring the efficiency and effectiveness of all digital sales and marketing activities.

The PIA Group operates in three core areas:

  • PIA Media provides digital marketing solutions to improve campaign performance by aligning key performance indicators (KPIs) with business goals.
  • PIA CX is dedicated to enhancing customer and user experiences.
  • PIA Tech & Data's Customer Engagement Platform aims to boost onsite conversions, improve user interaction and increase Customer Lifetime Value (CLV).

Section titled Partnering with Storyblok

PIA UDG are keen to establish long-term partnerships with their customers. They do so with the help of agile project developments. Storyblok has helped them build some of those partnerships.

Quote from Sven Heimerdinger, Director Solutions at PIA UDG

Storyblok is an essential building block for PIA UDG to deliver solid new industry standards. The high focus on end customer and user benefits while delivering fast results without time-consuming IT processes solves a lot of challenges in our projects.

Sven Heimerdinger
Sven Heimerdinger
Director Solutions at PIA UDG

As part of their strategic partner portfolio management, PIA UDG monitor MarTech trends and constantly evaluate best-of-breed such as headless CMS solutions. Storyblok caught their focus and attention through a direct inquiry from Reflex Winkelmann at PIA UDG during a website relaunch tender in the second half of 2022.

Quote from Florian Drews, Tech Lead at PIA UDG

Storyblok is living proof that a broad set of functionalities does not have to come with overburdened complexity. The ease of use, paired with the fun when working on the systems, for DEVs and content editors alike, is second to none.

Florian Drews
Florian Drews
Tech Lead at PIA UDG

Section titled Made with Storyblok: Reflex Winkelman

Reflex Winkelmann GmbH is a leader in static and dynamic pressure control and a provider of water-based building technology solutions. They sought a significant upgrade for their online presence. The new website aimed for a leap in design, functionality, customer focus, and international appeal. The plan emphasized usability on both desktop and mobile. As such, it involved integrating separate landing pages into a cohesive structure.

The company embarked on a transformative journey by transitioning from Typo3 to Storyblok. This was a pivotal decision in their pursuit of a modernized online presence. A strong emphasis was placed on enhancing content quality and user experience.

Reflex Winkelman's Website January 2024

Reflex Winkelman's Website January 2024

The new website utilizes Nuxt 3, PWA, and OpenGraph for optimal performance. Current plans include eCommerce integration with Shopware. Algolia powers the website search functionality. To cater to a global audience, the i18next internationalization framework has been used. MyView – xmedia was integrated as a Product Information Management System (PIM). All media assets are handled by Storyblok’s internal DAM capabilities initially. User privacy and consent are prioritized through Usercentrics.

Quote from Sven Heimerdinger, Director Solutions at PIA UDG

Storyblok has enriched our digital business in many specific project scenarios. It offers a remarkable level of flexibility and scalability. It significantly improves speed-to-market by reducing complexity and enabling results to be developed efficiently.

Sven Heimerdinger
Sven Heimerdinger
Director Solutions at PIA UDG

Section titled Partner of the Month

Collaborating with PIA UDG has been a true pleasure for us at Storyblok. As a digital-only company, they have an extensive range of services. Services that cover everything needed to deliver end-to-end experiences. The agency understands that each project is unique. That’s why PIA is a New Agency Platform (NAP). They provide customized, cross-functional, flexible, and dedicated teams with access to the full range of PIA service lines.

We are proud to be partners and friends with an organization and a team of such caliber. So, we are happy to announce that PIA UDG is Storyblok’s February 2024 Partner of the Month! You can get in touch with them by visiting their website or their Storyblok Partner Listing.