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Partnerships allow you to do more with less

Ana Ilievska
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We have the pleasure of working with creative Solution Agencies and Technology Providers who help their clients create unique digital experiences with the help of Storyblok’s Content Management System (CMS). So, when we thought about how 2022 went for us, we couldn’t help but dig into some of the experiences our partners went through. It was fascinating to see how in a year where we witnessed the layoffs of many tech workers from major companies and smaller startups, our partners were able to weather the storm and achieve some fantastic results! Congratulations on that!

And while most of us had an amazing year, we cannot help but notice that the world is experiencing a challenging economic environment. The International Monetary Fund has lowered its growth outlook for 2023, projecting that the world economy will grow 2.7 percent in 2023, down from 3.2 percent this year. So, in an environment like this, what can we do to come out as winners? We say, “Let’s stick together.

And yes, 2022 was a magnificent year for us at Storyblok.

However, we know that our rapid growth would not have been possible without you, our Partners! Therefore, we cannot help but conclude that partnerships are essential to leading a successful business, especially in a down economy. Partnerships allow us to do more with less. Why? Because partnerships are like a lever: the more partnerships we grow, the more heavy lifting we can do. They allow us to focus on what we do best and rely on our partners for the rest. Let’s take a look at how partnerships can help in a down economy.

How can partnerships help in a down economy?

The main rule of a successful business is “We cannot be everything to everyone.” Therefore, we have to focus on our core business and use partnerships to leverage what’s missing.

Partnerships = Lower Customer Acquisition Cost (CAC)

Being in a partnership can help partners get in touch with the right leads by leveraging each other’s networks. Moreover, each partner has a close relationship with their clients, which means their clients will trust them when making a recommendation. Lastly, when products and services complement each other, partners can go to market together and lessen the strain on marketing budgets.

Partnerships = More and larger business deals

Lots of data in the market points out an estimated 40-50% increase in customer win rate for deals with partners involved. Moreover, we see that oftentimes partnerships lead to bigger deals due to trust and collaboration. When partners approach potential clients together, they tend to drive higher ROI for every deal.

Partnerships = Ecosystems of growth

One study shows that businesses that are a part of at least one ecosystem have witnessed some significant improvements where ecosystems make up, on average, 13.7% of their total annual revenues, drive 12.9% in cost reduction, and generate 13.3% in incremental earnings. Technology Ecosystems, in particular, are on the rise and are going to be a great contributor to the growth of tech companies in the future as they provide access to the right assets and expertise.

Partnerships = Time to focus on your core business

In times of a down economy, businesses need to use most of their resources on riding the storm out and focusing on their core competencies. When there are great partnerships in place, this can be done much easier. If a need arises, there is likely a partner that can help with it. This is mostly true for partners that complement each other’s offerings.

How can Storyblok help?

Partnerships are not only about leveraging what your partners can offer. They are also about giving back! Especially when in need.

Quote from Barry D’Arcy, VP of Partners @ Storyblok

We are grateful to our many Agency and Technology Partners for your continued support! That’s why we have built and continue to build a strong Partner Program that showers you with benefits that expand your business and help you sell with us. We’ve got your back, just like you have ours!

Barry D’Arcy
Barry D’Arcy
VP of Partners @ Storyblok

Storyblok’s Partner Program is free to join and we guide you through the processes of learning how to use and sell Storyblok. In addition, we offer benefits that bring real monetary value to your businesses in terms of revenue share, marketing budget, free licenses and member spaces, a Technology Ecosystem of free apps and integrations, and much more. You can check out all of our benefits on our page. Let’s take a look at some of the most obvious ways in which you can benefit from partnering with Storyblok:

We help you find leads

When our clients are in need of an implementation agency, we refer them to our Certified Partners, where we help them choose based on competencies, location, language, etc. Similarly, when they are in need of a technology solution, we refer them to our Technology Partners, with which we have integrations and excellent collaboration. This way, we make sure our clients are in good hands and our partners are getting all the support they need.

We give you benefits with real monetary value

We know how costly operating a business can be. So, we want to make our partners’ lives easier by offering benefits that add real value to their business. Since agency clients will be paying a subscription fee for Storyblok, our Partners will be entitled to 10% of the subscription fee, the Revenue Share. Partners can also use Storyblok for free. We provide our Partners with a free forever Business Plan License in order to build their agency website with Storyblok. The license’s value is $849 per month and details about it can be seen here. We also provide Free Development Spaces so our partners’ teams can work on as many projects as they need, free of charge. This can also allow agencies to be more competitive in pricing for new projects, as they don't have to factor in a license during development. Lastly, our Partners can add as many team members as they like within your Partner Portal, free of charge. For reference, adding additional members to a space or spaces would cost $9 per month, per member.

We are growing an Ecosystem together

We have close to 40 integrations with our Technology Partners that are available for use by our clients and agency partners. Integrations that simplify the workflow and save time and money on development. Storyblok’s Ecosystem makes it easy to quickly make decisions about how to build your next project with the right tech stack. We offer integrations for personalization, eCommerce, localization, search, storefront, marketing, deployment and hosting, and much more. In addition, Storyblok’s CMS offers a headless architecture that is API driven and allows for easy integration with other technologies. Seamless integrations that allow for speedy project completion.

Key Takeaways

2022 was a strong year for us at Storyblok as we managed to raise $47 million in Series B, launch V2 of our CMS, double our team, and get recognized as a leader in the industry. We also grew our Partner Program and have close to 130 Certified Partners and over 1500 registered partners. We are thankful to our partners for their support, which is why we offer you unique benefits that can help you in both good and bad times. Let’s have a strong 2023 and shape the future of digital storytelling together. Reach out to our team if you are interested in becoming a Storyblok Partner.