Meet the Team: Storyblok's Founders

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Storyblok was founded in Austria by Dominik Angerer and Alexander Feiglstorfer while working at agency, Netural. Together, they launched Storyblok in 2017 as a prototype that was built and ready to grow for businesses wanting to orchestrate and manage their content and digital experiences. When we look now, Storyblok was created exactly for the world and the demands of content needs from a multitude of organizations and enterprises.

Technical-side apart, when Dominik and Alex set out in creating Storyblok, they decided from the get-go to adopt a fully remote setup. The pair believed that by going fully remote, it was the only way to truly find the balance between work and life together.

We’re kicking off our Meet the Team series to get to know the people ‘behind the Blok’ who make Storyblok what it is - from our development team, marketing, sales, operations, and more. To begin with, a ‘get to know’ prelude from our founders, Dominik and Alexander. We dive into 5 questions with our founders to discover who they are as a person, and the makings of Storyblok together.

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