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Limesharp - Mastering the art of digital simplicity

Agata Kędzia
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Today's world of technology is exciting yet challenging. Having many digital solutions makes it possible for digital projects to become unique and competitive. But, building an effective and engaging platform requires something else: simplicity. One of our partner agencies knows this best - it's our January partner of the month, Limesharp!

This award-winning, London-based digital agency builds custom eCommerce solutions for fashion, beauty, and lifestyle brands. With a global team of 35 experts, they deliver digital flagship stores for their clients. Since 2006, Limesharp has partnered with the best technology solutions, providing digital commerce excellence for global brands.

Section titled What sets Limesharp apart? What sets Limesharp apart?

The agency takes a customer-centric approach to all their projects. They always combine the needed requirements with the brands' objectives. This ensures Limesharp delivers an improved customer experience that helps businesses achieve their goals.

Also, they’re aware that brand identity goes deeper than logo, look, and feel. To achieve a unique brand experience, the agency builds a strategy that covers all digital touchpoints. This includes content, design, tone of voice, and art direction.

Section titled Making the digital world simple with Storyblok Making the digital world simple with Storyblok

The agency's 18 years of experience have shown them that many clients look for simplicity. This applies to both external users and internal teams. With this in mind, they noticed there's more pressure to come up with easy-to-use, clean solutions that will resolve such issues. At the same time, they were looking to improve the tech stack they propose to clients. This led them to review the headless content management system (CMS) market and find Storyblok.

Quote from Karolina Sposób, Head of Client Success at Limesharp

Storyblok is a great CMS that offers plenty of in-built features such as Live Preview, which all teams can really benefit from. Storyblok is a flexible tool that allows us to take content to the next level.

Karolina Sposób
Karolina Sposób
Head of Client Success at Limesharp

This is why the agency considers Storyblok as their perfect CMS to serve their clients:

  • With the CMS, Limesharp's clients can easily build and use content templates and schemas. This saves time when training content teams and migrating specific content pieces.
  • The Visual Editor lets content creators see content changes in real time, which gives them control over the website content edits.
  • Storyblok allows the agency's clients build stories and create new components. The content blocks are reusable and nestable, which makes it possible to recreate existing structures and make projects consistent.
  • Leveraging Storyblok's built-in localization features, Limesharp help their clients with localization and translation.
  • The CMS's headless nature simplifies the daily work of developers. They can easily put in place the framework of their choice, choosing from a range of out-of-the-box technology functionalities.

Quote from Fransy Castillo, Lead Frontend Developer at Limesharp

The amount of time invested in maintaining a CMS platform has been reduced significantly. It has also removed the hassle of dealing with databases and servers for content management directly.

Fransy Castillo
Fransy Castillo
Lead Frontend Developer at Limesharp

Section titled Made with Limesharp & Storyblok Made with Limesharp & Storyblok

Paul Smith is a global fashion brand with unique craftsmanship that has been operating since 1970. After 50 years in over 60 countries, they revamped their customer communication, brand identity, and website with Limesharp.

Before, Paul Smith were using a custom CMS built in-house. As the agency was moving them to a headless frontend, they needed a new CMS that would allow the team to build all new components fast and efficiently. Storyblok has played a key role in the project's tech stack. It acted as a primary source of non-eCommerce data on core parts of the website. Additionally, it allowed the client to see effective updates with minimal delay. At the same time, Paul Smith gained a clean system for managing stories.

Paul Smith's webshop (January 2024)

Today, the company's new website imitates their physical stores, which was the project's main goal. The project also resulted in a significant 50% boost in page performance.

Section titled Partner of the Month and a friend for years Partner of the Month and a friend for years

We love building the future of digital projects with Limesharp. Like us, the agency focuses on delivering best-of-class technology solutions, keeping it simple and flexible for their clients. we're excited to have such a great partner onboard!

As such, we're thrilled to announce that Limesharp is our January Partner of the Month! Feel free to check out their website to learn more about this fantastic team or contact them directly. You can also find the agency on their Storyblok partner listing page.