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Kega - Unlocking businesses' full digital potential

Agata Kędzia
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Storyblok is the first headless CMS that works for developers & marketers alike.

Kega is a digital agency based in the Netherlands with a strong heritage in retail and complex eCommerce projects. They have over two decades of experience working with physical stores, B2B wholesalers, and customers with complex eCommerce architecture, specializing in Composable Commerce. By offering integrated solutions in digital strategies, Kega maximizes the potential of their clients, with whom they thrive on progress and achieve common goals. By connecting their expertise, the agency ensures they're an inspiring sparring partner who combines strategic thinking with practical execution.

To help their clients unlock their full potential, Kega leverages Storyblok and its headless functionality to provide the most robust solutions to their clients. In recognition of the agency’s amazing projects, we’re happy to announce that Kega is our June Partner of the Month!

Section titled A deep dive into the clients' needs

Kega is an agency that truly understands the business and market of the clients, providing tailored strategies that resonate with their target audience and drive significant results. They deep dive into their clients' business and market to understand how they operate, which enables the agency to translate customer needs into digital solutions. Kega prides itself on flexibility, agility, a quick time-to-market, and avoiding the need for a complete re-platforming of digital commerce. They are known for their expertise in eCommerce, particularly in retail, and their knowledge of Composable Commerce.

This deep understanding allows them to craft customized strategies that are not only aligned with the specific needs and preferences of their clients' target audiences but also capable of generating substantial outcomes. By resonating with the audience, Kega's strategies likely foster a strong connection, leading to increased engagement, brand loyalty, and, ultimately, significant business growth and success.

Section titled Many challenges, one solution

Over the 5 years at the market, they’ve witnessed a range of their clients’ needs, challenges, and demands when working on digital projects:

  • The need to escape from technology limits when extending a business’ digital architecture
  • The ability to quickly respond to market changes and flexibly adjust and scale a website accordingly
  • More flexibility on the front end and less complexity in the back end
  • Simplicity in digital solutions to focus on business goals

Aiming to respond to their clients’ needs, they started exploring the headless CMS market and using more headless technologies. Storyblok turned out to be the CMS that fully met their expectations.

The visual user interface and ease of use are definitely the key factors for Kega in choosing Storyblok.

Section titled Full potential unlocked with Storyblok

Kega’s clients love them because the agency can quickly add value without complex and time-consuming re-platforming processes. Curious how they do it, we asked them a couple of questions about Storyblok - how it changes their work and why they choose it over other CMS options. Here's what we’ve learned:

  • Less complexity in the eCommerce environment, which makes it possible to work with less time and input.
  • The ease of use for the marketing and content teams of our customers, exceptionally short time to market.
  • More efficient content management, which is easier to implement than going through a whole re-platforming project.
  • The drag-and-drop interface, Visual Editor with real-time preview, and reusable and customizable blocks are the features that make a huge difference when building and managing projects.
  • Storyblok can be connected with any preferred tech stack - Kega likes combining the CMS with React.js, Next.js, and PHP.

Storyblok enables us to empower our clients to manage their websites in a very flexible and user-friendly manner so we can focus on developments that really add value instead of simple (boring) updates.

Section titled Proudly helping businesses together

Kega serves many clients, including over 65 international retailers, and is involved with more than 7,000 physical and online stores. These numbers speak for themselves, and we are all the more proud that Storyblok is their CMS of choice. In recognition of their hard work and stunning projects, we're over the moon to have Kega as our June Partner of the Month!

Explore Kega's website to learn more about the agency. Additionally, check out their partner listing page to discover how they used Storyblok to build exceptional websites for their clients.

Storyblok enables us to create complex webshops that can be managed easily.