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Iquality - Get Smarter Every Day

Agata Kędzia

Learning and exploring seem to be a never-ending process, especially nowadays, when the role of technology increases in people’s life. The ever-changing technology environment determines the way we perceive business development. Being up to date with the latest tech solutions and possibilities is a must when building exceptional, tailor-made digital landscapes for companies. Our partner, Iquality, prioritizes the attitude at delivering the ultimate digital solution already since 1994. The company has multidisciplinary UX-DEV-OPS teams, which consist of specialized and focus-oriented experts. They develop, design and optimize exceptional digital solutions for brands on the web, always with a project’s individual needs in mind. From the very beginning, it is in their nature to bring innovative and unique ideas to their clients’ digital spaces. And, what we love the most: Despite their impressive experience, they never stop exploring. Get Smarter Every Day! - is the motto of Iquality, which of course refers to them, but also to their customers who can extract exceptional experience and knowledge nuances from Iquality. The agency makes their clients smarter by being equipped with future-proof technology solutions tailored specifically to their needs.

Section titled Getting smarter with best-of-breed solutions

As the business environment changes all the time, Iquality constantly looks for improvements and streamlines its processes in order to be ready for any kind of upcoming project. What we really admire is the fact that they are keen on the newest trends and directions on the market, tracking them carefully. Iquality treats every project individually, ensuring every customer’s feedback is considered and covered. Iquality assists customers within all the project’s life cycle, and this is why they use only the technology stack they really believe in. Based on their knowledge and experience, the agency knows exactly how to design the perfect digital architecture - by using best-of-breed technologies. We, at Storyblok, are proud to be one of them! Iquality helps clients also grow with help of big players such as Cloudinary for seamless digital asset management, or Algolia for exceptional search features. All the ‘puzzles’ always come together in one clear image of needed digital architecture, together with customer specific and stable software.

Section titled Why clients love to get smarter with Iquality

Nothing in building digital landscapes is straightforward nowadays, and Iquality really knows how to face this challenge. A multidimensional point of view seems to be a great strategy when creating a high impact on customers’ digital transformations. Iquality’s team members within such disciplines as strategy planning, concept, design, and business development, work both together and independently at the same time, ensuring each new project's compatibility, proficiency, and in-depth knowledge application. Last but not least, they take customer support seriously: their clients can expect personal 1:1 meetings with one of the Iquality team members in order to share feedback and concerns, track the progress of an ongoing project, and making sure everyone is on the same page.

Section titled Overcoming challenges = getting smarter

Considering high competition on the market, clients being in demand of best-in-class tech solutions have a really wide range of choices. Iquality noticed that the ideal digital landscape for a company should be able to reconsider existing technology solutions when new and better possibilities emerge. They are aware of the fact that if a business scales, it sometimes needs to change tech infrastructure even a couple of times. This is why they pay special attention to tech stack interchangeability. Drawing conclusions from working with clients, they know that extending existing solutions is not an easy process. When using a monolithic platform it’s nearly impossible (in contrast to headless CMS).

Another big challenge Iquality’s clients have faced is content migration when changing technologies. Project managers often look for ways to reuse existing content in order to be able to leverage existing structures within a new CMS. Also, Iquality pays special attention to content modeling from the very beginning of the project. In their eyes, this aspect should have a special place as a separate part of the project, and it should be validated at a very early stage of a platform transformation process. The difficulty arises when developers create templates not being aware of content modeling procedures and without involving project managers or other content people. Therefore, the process is not smooth. And, last but not least, Iquality was constantly getting feedback from content creators who were not happy with a lot of content management systems. They mentioned lack of user-friendly setup and no possibilities of building framework before starting out building a project. Storyblok was able to solve those problems for their clients.

Section titled Getting smarter with Storyblok

For Iquality, one of the deciding factors when choosing a CMS vendor for their clients was seamless content migration and decoupled digital architecture. They were convinced that this approach can enable a unique technology stack that could be built flexibly, based on best-of-breed products. In 2020, Iquality crossed their paths with Storyblok, which brought a great resolution to this concern.

Quote from Ronald Nieuwenhuis, Team Lead, Iquality

Clients are always looking for a way to reuse existing content. Sometimes the way a CMS leverages content migration is a selection criteria when choosing a CMS vendor. Storyblok delivers a powerful content management API, which helps in content converting and migration.

Ronald Nieuwenhuis
Ronald Nieuwenhuis
Team Lead, Iquality

Another aspect that drew the attention of Iquality was our beloved Visual Editor - actually, we are not surprised at all! This unique feature made content creators’ work easier and much more pleasant when using the live preview feature. Worth mentioning is also Storyblok’s help in terms of content modeling - a very important part of Iqualty’s projects. The agency always pays close attention to perform this step in an early phase, in order to get feedback from content managers right at the beginning of the project as well as to immerse the client in the Storyblok’s features suit. Being the SaaS solution, we are always ready to be the agency’s and client’s assistant during this process.

As Iquality always looks for new ways of learning and finding new and current solutions, they really appreciate our regular releases of new integrations and applications, which can fulfill a company’s digital portfolio. Also, the agency was amazed with Storyblok’s support during all the projects because this is the attitude they have towards their clients, too. Overall, all these factors brought massive changes for brands who have the pleasure to work with Iquality: thanks to Storyblok, project managers and content creators can concentrate on delivering value to their clients and creating amazing digital platforms instead of being worried about content workflows, data maintenance, and content migration.

Quote from Ronald Nieuwenhuis, Team Lead, Iquality

Storyblok is a really important, best-of-breed component in the digital infrastructure of the projects where all kinds of content needs to be managed for multiple channels.

Ronald Nieuwenhuis
Ronald Nieuwenhuis
Team Lead, Iquality

Section titled Case Study: Damen Yachting project

Damen Yachting are the master yacht builders behind Amels superyachts, SeaXplorer expedition yachts, Yacht Support vessels and major yacht refits. The company reached out to Iquality in order to rebuild their existing web platform, to be sure that clients can be immersed in amazing digital experience. The company already had experience with Iquality, when creating the new platform for Damen Yachting. The first website on this new platform is launched and is their Amels brand website and will be shortly followed by their company website. Within this platform, as a lot of technical solutions needed to be implemented, the company needed a new CMS solution that could be compatible with all of them:

  • React and NextJs as frameworks
  • TypeScript as a programming language
  • Apollo GraphQl for the API communication
  • Azure for hosting frontend infrastructure and additional microservices
  • Azure DevOps for continuous integration and continuous delivery
  • Cloudinary for digital assets management
  • Algolia for search

The mentioned tech stack implemented with Storyblok makes the current Damen Yachting platform fast, reliable, and scalable, which is a huge step compared to the platform's old stack. In addition, both Iquality and Damen Yachting appreciate the security assurance by Storyblok, proved by the ISO27001 certification we received, which is a top-tier confirmation of cyber safety.

We are thrilled to announce that the Damen Yachting project, made in collaboration with Iquality and iO Digital has won two bronze Digital Impact Awards for ‘Best corporate website’ and ‘Best use of Digital from Digital from the Engineering and Manufacturing sector’! We are proud to be watching how our partners work together with such amazing clients, creating exceptional digital platforms.

“The Digital Impact Awards sets the industry-wide benchmark in digital stakeholder engagement and honors the best corporate digital communications work in Europe.” (Source: Digital Impact Awards)

Section titled Partner of the Month

We, at Storyblok, love to collaborate with partners who share our values and point of view in terms of digital landscape creation. It’s our honor to announce that Iquality is our Partner of the Month for October! Together, we want to celebrate their ambitious approach to development, innovation, and customer-focused attitude, always with best-of-breed solutions in mind. Learn more about Iquality on their website and check out what a powerful project they built with us - also listed on their Iquality Partner Listing portfolio.