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iCrossing UK - Reshaping digital through step-change

Tarek El Deeb
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Storyblok is the first headless CMS that works for developers & marketers alike.

In a world where you can find a web development agency on every virtual corner, there aren’t many that can legitimately claim to be a ‘full service’ digital agency and there are even fewer who have a proven track record of achieving results for their clients across each of the digital marketing disciplines. On the other hand, digital agency iCrossing UK, has been creating custom digital experiences for their clients through ‘step-change'. By assessing where a client is currently operating, identifying the goals for the business, and devising a strategy which will take the brand to the next level, all while keeping the process simple and avoiding over-complication.

Section titled Change Planning Change Planning

Starting out with a data-driven diagnosis as well as benchmark analysis and audit, iCrossing UK will identify where you currently lie and your best case growth opportunities. By using this as a baseline, iCrossing UK will create and shape the right model to help you meet your goals. They build and create based on the consistency of a well structured design system, the benefits of an engineered solution and the gamification of all stakeholders collaborating to achieve the best possible performance metrics.

Quote from Tim Dodd, Head of Product & Technology @ iCrossing UK

‘Live page previews, content blocks adhering to our structured design systems, content authoring via the user workflows and even the concept of building content against feature branch releases… Storyblok is the sum of many intuitive parts which provide us with stronger governance over our client’s brands, greater efficiency in project delivery by our team and scalability for client growth (both in terms of infrastructure and personnel).’

Tim Dodd
Tim Dodd
Head of Product & Technology @ iCrossing UK

With iCrossing UK’s client base spanning multiple sectors, from sports technology to luxury, travel & tourism to finance, they have proven agency knowledge and are ready for any client. More than ever, clients are attuned and aware of the importance of site performance and page speed, and requesting target Lighthouse scores and Core Web Vitals in client briefs, on top of having greater expectations of other elements of their tech stack, whether in terms of security, scalability, extensibility, or accessibility. Coupled with the obvious impacts of Covid-19 across the world, agency and client teams are expected to work in tandem from multiple locations. The application of structured design systems, ease-of-use, low training overheads and managed workflows all come into their own for brand, content and technical governance.

Section titled Step-Change with Storyblok Step-Change with Storyblok

One of iCrossing UK's main goals is to support brands ready to make a step-change in their approach to digital by creating fast and streamlined solutions. When iCrossing UK embarked on changing from monolithic CMSs, into the world of JamStack, they were reviewing the multitude of frameworks and CMS options on the market - Storyblok was relatively new at the time but what immediately struck a chord with iCrossing UK was the simplicity of working with Storyblok on a day-to-day basis and how intuitive it is for content authors and engineers alike.

Their engineering team is experienced up and down the stack, capable of building all manner of applications with complex business rules and integrations. Both the configurable nature of the Storyblok schema and the fast and easy-to-work-with GraphQL API provided instant familiarity. They applied their engineering principles to find synergies in the technology and processes they’ve used both on their websites and application projects. Colleagues with backgrounds in publishing and content marketing discovered how simple and intuitive it was to create engaging content. They could use endless combinations of content blocks and were quickly won over by the simplicity of creating customizable workflows for governance over the content authoring process.

For iCrossing UK's clients, the live page preview allowing them to see the page come to life as they added their content blocks and applied content to them was an instant upgrade on their previous CMS experience; no matter which platform they were working with previously or how much they liked or loathed it.

Everybody brought into the benefits applied to their day-to-day lives and the simplicity through which Storyblok delivers it.

Quote from Roger Barr, Chief Digital Officer @ iCrossing UK

‘Storyblok has provided a brilliantly intuitive CMS platform. Our clients can get to grips with it very quickly and can envisage how they will implement it into their existing workflows almost immediately. Everybody who touches the CMS is instantly engaged and it enthuses all stakeholders in our website projects. From inside the agency, it mirrors our design and engineering principles which focus on performance, scalability and extensibility.’

Roger Barr
Roger Barr
Chief Digital Officer @ iCrossing UK

Section titled Partner of the Month Partner of the Month

With Change Planning at the center of their working structure, iCrossing UK is reshaping the format of a digital project by cutting out all the extra noise, focusing on your needs and setting you up with the best stack possible. We are over the moon to announce that they are the Storyblok Partner of the Month for January 2022. Check out their case studies on their agency pages iCrossing UK & MediaBlaze and their client project for Everlast Gyms.