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SftB#3 Recap: The Evolution of Visual Editing

Kaya Ismail
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Storyblok is the first headless CMS that works for developers & marketers alike.

Storyblok’s user interface is changing with Storyblok V2, and our very own Designer Nikola Milasinovic was on hand to present those changes to the hundreds of attendees tuning into Stories from the Blok #3.

Section titled Streamlined Editing in a Headless CMS

“Storyblok is the only headless CMS with a visual editor,” Nikola began, before sharing his screen to demonstrate how our visual editor is becoming even better.

Nikola started by walking us through Storyblok’s editing interface. He demonstrated how editors can quickly switch between different websites or content pages without leaving the visual editor interface.

He then showed off the easy-to-use blocks interface, which enables marketers to quickly add (and even copy and paste!) content blocks of varying types across pages.

The block library holds a wide range of content types, from CTA banners to cookie information boxes.

Editors can even edit fields relating to specific blocks. So, for instance, an editor can choose whether to make a particular block translatable or not.

Storyblok Block Libary

Section titled New: Content Tree View

Storyblok’s Content Tree View is a new way to visualize and browse through content. Now, editors can see their pages and blocks in a nested interface.

Content Tree View with Storyblok

With this nested interface, editors can not just see more content, but they can also instantly switch between content and that content’s blocks, saving lots of time.

Section titled New: AI-enabled Asset Manager

With Storyblok’s new asset manager, AI is used to automatically tag images, helping save marketers valuable time when uploading assets, and when trying to find them later on.

Storyblok Asset Manager

Section titled New: Enhanced Discussions

Do you want to discuss something with a colleague, but don’t want to take a screenshot and share it on Slack? Us neither.

Now, you can select particular content blocks to discuss, and spark up a conversation with a coworker, without ever leaving Storyblok.

Discussions in Storyblok

Learn more about Storyblok V2.