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Ecosystem Expanded - Conscia

Ana Ilievska

For those looking to create an omnichannel brand presence, we present you with, a Storyblok Technology Partner, part of our Tech Ecosystem. accelerates the journey toward building a composable tech stack with a Digital Experience Orchestration (DXO) platform. The DXO offers zero-code API orchestration for developers and an intuitive interface for business users and marketers to deliver highly personalized and contextual experiences. With the power of Conscia, marketers are in control of curating personalized digital experiences.

Section titled The ‘Brain' of the composable stack

Conscia empowers digital teams by orchestrating intelligent and personalized experiences from one central location, regardless of where your data and content reside. As an orchestration layer, Conscia addresses common digital challenges such as personalization, A/B testing, content orchestration, legacy modernization, API orchestration, ensuring composability, and simplifying front-end code across channels.'s specialty is its personalization and experimentation engine which is purpose-built for the composable stack. Its user-friendly interface empowers marketers to deliver targeted and optimized customer experiences across various channels. It offers several key features that set it apart:

  • Omnichannel Personalization: Control customer experiences across all channels.
  • Experimentation and A/B Testing: Test content from any CMS within an experience.
  • Autonomy for Marketing Teams: Activate personalized experiences without development support.
  • Customer Intelligence: Collect signals, recommend relevant content, and tailor experiences.
  • Analytics and Insights: Powerful dashboards for campaign performance and A/B testing.

Section titled What goes well with Conscia

Conscia is industry agnostic. Conscia’s sweet spot is small to large enterprises that have an omnichannel presence and are looking to build a headless/composable stack. Moreover, it integrates with various best-in-class composable solutions resulting in a flexible tech stack tailored to each client's needs. The specific tech stack employed depends on the maturity of the organization's composable infrastructure.

Conscia, having realized the limited awareness and understanding of composable solutions, has partnered with like-minded technologies to actively educate businesses about the advantages of composable solutions through marketing efforts, thought leadership content, and industry events.

The Storyblok & Conscia partnership

Section titled The Storyblok & Conscia partnership

Partnerships are the symphony of shared visions and harmonious collaboration, where diverse minds unite to compose extraordinary melodies of innovation and progress. The Storyblok and Conscia partnership enables both parties to meet the increasing demand for composable solutions in the market.

Storyblok's feature-rich and developer-friendly CMS perfectly aligns with this demand, empowering our clients to efficiently manage and deliver content across various channels.

As with most key players in the composable space, there is a shared affinity amongst providers to always want to deliver the best solutions to customers. This shared goal has led to the Storyblok and Conscia partnership.

What stood out to us was Storyblok's customer-centric approach. The Storyblok team has a strong focus on understanding and meeting the unique needs of their clients, rather than simply chasing targets or quotas. This alignment in mindset created a shared understanding of the importance of delivering exceptional experiences to customers.

Today, we work as partners to carve out a path for customers to reach their business objectives through the combination of our unique solutions. With Storyblok and Conscia, users can enjoy:

  • 1:1 Personalization: Hyper-personalization for every individual customer based on the user’s context and profile attributes.
  • Omnichannel Personalization: Centralized control over experiences on all channels to power consistent experiences throughout the entire customer journey.
  • Component-Level Personalization: Not just page-level variants. Reusable hero banners, product recommendations, and featured blogs are examples of components.
  • AI-powered Recommendations: Collect first-party customer signals from across the customer journey and use machine learning to recommend content that is relevant to the customer.
  • Advanced Analytics: powerful analytics dashboards to understand the performance of your campaigns and A/B tests.

Section titled The Storyblok x Conscia integration

The Storyblok x Conscia integration is built on Storyblok’s API and Conscia’s orchestration platform. It has solved key problems for clients, including streamlined content management, faster time-to-market, enhanced scalability and flexibility, and improved collaboration and content governance. The integration has provided clients with a robust solution that addresses their specific needs, enabling them to deliver exceptional personalized digital experiences efficiently and effectively.

When two best-of-breed solutions like Storyblok and Conscia work seamlessly together, the gains are multiplied for the users and audiences of clients and partners.

Take a look at our integration video where we showcase how our collaboration empowers marketers to deliver personalized content to customers across various channels based on their unique preferences and behavior.

Explore the Conscia x Storyblok solution here and contact the Storyblok Tech Ecosystem team or Conscia’s team to find out how we can address your business initiatives.