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Bringing our Brazilian Storyblok team together: The first of many team meet-ups

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Bruno Siqueira
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In early-May 2022, Storyblok had its first gathering for our Brazilian employees in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil over the course of 3 to 4 days, making it a great opportunity for colleagues to meet in person for the first time. A team of 27 Brazilian Storyblok colleagues met in the mountains surrounding Rio, bringing positive energy in the air, with smiles, hugs, and the chance to work together in person. More than that, our very own CEO, Dominik, was able to come all the way from Austria to reunite with our CTO, Alex, and surprise our Brazilian team members!

The team was able to have the time to talk about not only their work projects but also share a part of their own personal lives over coffee and lunch together, taking in the beauty of the local nature in the Rio mountains, as well as play table football and get together for a campfire and tunes.

The majority of Storyblok’s Brazil-based team are developers, who were able to work on developing Sprint tasks, and in parallel, run their Sprint Review in a hybrid format with the other team members located in Europe. This brought around several insights that could be discussed directly in person with Alex (CTO), in Storyblok’s infrastructure, UX, and more innovative solutions and projects. While this was an opportunity for the Brazilian team to work in person, it truly showed just how well Storyblok’s fully remote working environment is able to work in parallel despite the distance and difference in time zones, side-by-side continuously.

Storyblok continues to grow at an astonishing rate, and it is important to keep the familiarity of each other as a team and our work culture alive. I, for one, was also able to see how well our remote work environment worked.

The ability to bring together the people who make the product, even though geographically this is just our Brazil-based colleagues, just shows how unified we are as a team and company. I can’t wait and imagine how it will feel when we will be able to gather together across all teams globally and finally meet all our Storyblokers face to face.