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Sunsetting Storyblok V1 FAQ's


Welcome to the sunsetting of Storyblok V1 FAQ. Most likely, you are reading this page as you still had a space running on V1 that is migrated to Storyblok V2.

Within this article, we would like to answer any questions you might have regarding the sunsetting of Storyblok V1 and migrating your space from V1 to V2.

In case you still have any further questions, please feel free to contact us.

Section titled Why are we sunsetting V1?

In August 2022, we successfully launched Storyblok V2, introducing a completely new interface for all teams using our CMS, including several significant improvements like new collaboration tools and a built-in Digital Asset Manager. Also, with Storyblok V2 we give you an open-source design system to create outstanding experiences for your team, and customers.

After a successful launch, great user feedback, and fantastic usage, we stopped support for Storyblok V1 by the end of October 2023 and are sunsetting Storyblok V1 by January 15th, 2024.

Consequently, all spaces that are still running on V1 will be automatically redirected to V2 by January 15th, 2024

Section titled What exactly happens to my Storyblok V1 space on October 31, 2023?

By October 31, 2023, we are ending support for V1. This means that you can still use your Storyblok V1 space as usual, however, Storyblok will be unsupported after that date.

End of support means:

  • No more updates: Storyblok V1 will no longer receive updates, including bug fixes, new feature or performance enhancements
  • No more live chat & support: We will no longer provide any type of support for Storyblok V1, including live chat, troubleshooting, or guidance in any V1 related matter.

Section titled What exactly happens to my Storyblok V1 space on January 15, 2023?

After January 15, 2024, your collaborators and you will no longer be able to access Storyblok V1, and whenever you open your space, you will be automatically redirected to V2.

Section titled Does every one of my collaborators need to switch manually or are they all migrated to V2?

After January 15, 2024, all collaborators will be migrated to V2 automatically.

Section titled Are there any breaking changes when switching to Storyblok V2?

No. When your space is switched to V2, everything should work just as it did in Storyblok V1. However, if you have extended Storyblok's V1 UI that makes changing to V2 difficult, please contact us as soon as possible.

Section titled I prefer not to switch my space to Storyblok V2. What should I do?

In the case you do not want to switch to Storyblok V2 due to expected challenges, we ask you to contact your CSM, PSM, or our support channel to discuss any challenges you might have with switching to V2.