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As a full-service provider for the care and healthcare market, WiBU offers everything from a single source: From furnishings and medical products to textiles, equipment, and reliable maintenance. The project’s goal was to relaunch the existing eCommerce platform and corporate website, establish a new central digital touchpoint for the company’s customers, and successively integrate all the business prospects within the WiBU group within the next 2 years. The company also aimed to significantly increase self-service and customer loyalty via an attractive digital offering. Moreover, the WiBU was looking for a CMS that could give them the ability to combine content and eCommerce layer to enable smooth content management workflows, both for sales and marketing teams. Finally, it was essential to increase the company’s processes efficiency via the intelligent integration of on- and offline sales. During the implementation of the project, the agency and the company encountered such challenges as the need for parallel implementation of a PIM system and legacy and architecture issues. Everything was aimed to be condensed in an ambitious timeline of 7-9 months. With Storyblok, Valantic and WiBU were able to smoothly integrate the main company’s website with an eCommerce layer, efficiently connect the platform with a responsive PIM solution, and implement best-of-breed technologies to create a multidimensional digital journey for the company’s recipients.

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