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Western Research Institute (WRI) is a multimillion-dollar, not-for-profit research organization that works in advanced energy systems, environmental technologies, and highway materials research and technologies. Having worked with Refactored for many years, we recently helped migrate their existing website from a traditional CMS solution (built in Sitefinity) to a Storyblok headless CMS. The impetus for migrating was to begin consolidating their website CMS technologies. They wanted a solution that would provide centralized content management across multiple web properties and customer experiences, all while delivering these services with a modern approach (built in REACT, NEXT.js, and Gatsby) that would position them for coming organizational change. The new Storyblok-based solution allows them to serve timely content to constituents and is now architected to facilitate ecommerce and manage the complexities of an online community. The previous technology solution had shown some inadequacies when trying to support any features that went beyond basic content management. Storyblok’s solution future-proofed WRI’s architecture by giving them the greatest flexibility, not to mention at a lower cost point. Additionally, WRI is benefiting from the blok-based page building, the intuitive file management system, and the visual editor that functions well from any browser.

Next.js & Gatsby
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