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HD PLUS GmbH is a wholly owned subsidiary of SES, a leading global satellite operator with a fleet of over 70 satellites. HD PLUS GmbH was founded in May 2009 and markets the product HD +, an additional program offering in high-resolution quality (HD and Ultra HD), which can be received in Germany via the Astra satellite system.

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HD + users have access to more than 60 channels in HD - in addition to over 40 free-to-air HD channels, viewers can currently see 24 of the largest private channels in HD quality with the HD + channel package and two Ultra HD with RTL UHD and UHD1 by Astra -Channel. HD + has been integrated in TV sets from Samsung and Panasonic since 2019 and also offers the HD + comfort function. The HD + comfort function enables viewers to restart current programs, access to media libraries and an innovative TV guide.