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What does jewelry have to do with emotions? Is it possible to merge these two together? Looking at Chopards’ vision of jewelry’s merchandising we can definitely see the connection. The company’s message has been the same since the Maison was founded: Things are what we give them meaning to. Beyond the fact of owning jewelry, people can express emotions through it and ascribe it their own personal meaning as well.

Nothing sparkles like Chopard

Chopard’s identity has been formed over time and passed on from one generation to the next already since 1860. Every member of the family who has participated in the brand’s journey contributed to Chopard’s success and its exceptional position at the world's High Jewellery and High Watchmaking market. The company’s identity is based on such values as generosity and emotional expression, which is reflected in the way they work and present products to their customers.

Luxury and chic jewelry for women are the specialty of Chopard. All the products are crafted in Switzerland with unprecedented accuracy and precision to cater most demanding customer tastes. In truth, Chopard’s high-quality products speak for themselves and sell themselves as well, but the company decided to enrich its campaigns to make their customers’ journey even more spectacular by turning to Razorfish.

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Razorfish's sharp execution

Grounded in deep digital expertise for over 25 years, Razorfish France is a leading interactive agency that consists of more than 300 team members who everyday create marketing transformations for a wide range of clients. They help businesses and brands uncover their potential by building exceptional digital experiences with special attention to the ever-changing marketing landscape. Razorfish was invented with their digital utility story. They create truly bold, creative, efficient, and digitally responsible solutions for everyone: Starting with the users, businesses, and companies, ending with society and the planet. The agency stands out for the way they look at customers: They see them as interesting and complex people who with their unique personalities look for true values and personal experiences when forming relationships with brands.

Storyblok editing capabilities

What we really love about Razorfish is that they always delve deeply into a brand’s true values and purposes. That’s how they help brands create meaningful stories that make real change and add value to people’s lives. That’s why we’re sure that Chopard made a perfect decision by turning to Razorfish and creating a new, exceptional digital platform together.

The project

Technology stack used:

  • NuxtJS: Framework

  • TwicPics: Image and video optimization

  • Cloudinary: DAM

  • Storybook: Frontend for UI components

My Happy Hearts is the extension of Chopard's well-known “Happy Hearts” collection. It offers petite heart-shaped jewels available in various colors and materials. They were created to serve as discreet emblems of a new, emancipated generation that wants to truly express itself. The pieces are also supposed to be symbols of a deeply reunited relationship with oneself. The collection consists of earrings, chain bracelets, necklaces, and rings, available in ethical 18k rose or white gold. The hearts are manufactured from either carnelian, mother-of-pearl, or diamonds. My Happy Hearts rings and earrings are also available with a moving diamond. Every piece of the collection is a real little work of art and can perfectly add a unique, personal accent to one’s current mood or appearance.

The challenges

Chopard, as a luxurious and prestigious jewelry brand, needed a website with outstanding visual performance to make their products talk for themselves to the most demanding customers. Also, a modern and visually appealing platform was a great way to attract the younger audience, as Chopard’s core customers were primarily at adult age.

Another big challenge was to integrate Chopard’s Happy Heart campaigns’ project with a dedicated Happy Hearts eCommerce landing pages in order to ensure agile communication between these two platforms. The reason behind this was to redirect customers to the right products after campaign overview and strengthen their engagement on the website.

Quote from Thomas Rayez, Head of Technology, Razorfish France

  • Genuinely, Chopard was focused on presenting their campaigns and products on the website. One of the main objectives of the project was to merge the eCommerce experience into the platform to let parts of the website smoothly correspond to each other.

    Picture of Thomas Rayez
    Thomas Rayez
    Head of Technology, Razorfish France

Brilliantly captured product descriptions in the campaign were to be merged with their equivalents in eStore, to compile coherent and user-friendly digital experience. As the company decided to implement Salesforce, a new CMS had to offer a possibility to seamlessly retrieve and migrate product information through an API.

As Chopard performs a lot of campaigns with different product launches, the company also desired a complex and modular solution that could be reusable to be implemented with other sub-projects as well. Lastly, with such a wide range of products to be showcased, Chopard’s marketers and content editors had a need for freedom and flexibility in the content creation process, so a CMS with user-friendly and intuitive UX was desired as well.

The results: Why Storyblok?

The company’s requirements were to work on a modular system that could flexibly handle all needed tech stack and components. It turned out that Storyblok has a lot of functionalities that overlapped with Chopad’s project demands. Thanks to the API-first approach, it was possible to implement such integrations as Cloudinary and TwicPic to assure stunning visual effects and rich aesthetics experiences. Furthermore, with Storyblok it was possible to integrate best-of-breed tech stack components such as Nuxt.js and Storybook. Responsive design and images were crucial to manage and showcase Chopard’s exceptional product details. Storyblok’s API-first approach also made it possible to connect Chopard’s campaign website with the eCommerce-related platform by linking particular project descriptions from SalesForce API to their equivalents on the official project’s website.

Quote from Anthony Herrero, Technical Lead, Razorfish France

  • Super-efficient interface, ultra-intuitive component reuse and well-thought-out modular management.

    Picture of Anthony Herrero
    Anthony Herrero
    Technical Lead, Razorfish France

The vision of Chopard was to have a future-proof, modular platform that could cover all the project’s needs in terms of integrations, eCommerce, internationalization and modular approach. The company especially appreciated Storyblok’s reusable components functionality, as thanks to this it was possible to not only create the Happy Hearts platform, but also be prepared for future new campaigns and product launches. Reusable blocks made it possible to save particular content templates and transfer them to other needed components. Moreover, our Visual Editor with real-time preview enabled marketers and content creators to streamline content creation and made it more pleasant and predictable.

Chopard’s Happy Hearts project was ready to be implemented in 2 months and 1 month of improvements, which covered the company's timeline challenge. To build the platform, Razorfish used in total 20 components. Today, 3 digital experience creators use Storyblok to continue with the project development.

Bright and shining future together

Razorfish already had a possibility to try out our features during previous project implementation for Renault. Being very well acquainted with our functionalities, the agency plans to move forward with Storyblok by taking advantage of our API approach and adding advanced eCommerce integrations to the projects they work on.

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