Expanded Polystyrene, or EPS Foam, is widely used in countless applications, from protective packaging in the form of packing corners, packing boxes and packing peanuts to coffee cups, sculptures, insulation and bicycle helmets. However, did you know that EPS takes thousands of years to biodegrade? This is extremely damaging and harmful to our planet, which is why Magical Mushroom Company® is here to solve the problem of plastic by offering packaging that is easily biodegradable. When broken up into small pieces by hand, their packaging will return to the soil in around 45 days, keeping all its carbon safely locked away and also adding nitrates to the earth. How amazing is it that the Mushroom® Packaging is made from mycelium, the material structure of fungi?

The Magical Mushroom Company® was launched in 2019 with the objective of manufacturing high-volume production capability of sustainable materials. Their vision is that only by delivering at scale that they can help rid the world of plastic pollution. Starting with their factory in Esher, UK, adding an Attenborough, UK, facility in 2021, and a facility in Sofia, BG, in 2022, they have the capacity to deliver on the packaging needs of the biggest enterprises. Their work is about making a case for modernity and industry. And the only way to do that is to call an end to unnecessary waste and pollution.

Magical Mushroom Corporate website

Magical Mushroom’s e-commerce presence was developed by Cygnet Digital, a MACH-aligned agency and a Storyblok Certified Partner. They are a development-only agency that specializes in building products with best-of-breed technology. This technology allows them to build in record time, offer massive scalability, and slash overheads for their clients. They believe that modular type API development gives them superpowers as they can integrate great tech together and create beautiful projects backed by software that grows as their clients’ business grows.

Quote from Peter Ross, Co-founder and CEO @ Cygnet Digital

  • Working with MACH-aligned organizations like Storyblok helps our developers perform a lot quicker and deliver projects that truly grow as our clients’ businesses grow. Our developers love the Storyblok APIs and the custom modular functionality of the CMS. And the best part is, Storyblok works for almost all of our customers as it provides a solid foundation for growing businesses as well as large enterprises.

    Picture of Peter Ross
    Peter Ross
    Co-founder and CEO @ Cygnet Digital

What we love about Cygnet Digital is their dedication to helping charities, NGOs, and companies like Magical Mushroom, who are working hard to make a difference in the world, help tackle the digital world and grow their business. The collaboration between Cygnet Digital and Magical Mushroom Company® was truly magical as they collaborated with fortyTwo Interactive to help build a functional corporate website and a dedicated webshop to help sell their packaging.

The project

The project's objectives:

  • Create a corporate website to help with product branding and recognition

  • Create a B2B webshop to ease and increase packaging sales

The challenge:

Initially, since the company was doing only phone sales, the goal was to create a functional webshop for Magical Mushroom that could go live in as little as 5 weeks, hence the birth of the company’s eCommerce site. Phase 2 was dedicated to separating the company’s corporate website and webshop in order to raise brand awareness and increase the company’s online sales.

The result:

The final results from the work done by both Magical Mushroom and Cygnet digital are:

  • A corporate website
    The magicalmushroom.com website was developed with the help of fortyTwo Interactive and serves as the education hub for all clients. In addition, the goal behind the corporate website is to intrigue large enterprises about the product and get them to reach out for more information about products specific to their needs.

  • A webshop
    The mushroompackaging.co.uk webshop was developed in order to facilitate selling, especially for small to mid-sized companies who are looking to purchase off-the-shelf products.

What is fascinating is that Phase 1 of the project was executed in 5 weeks and the project handover was executed in less than 1 hour.

Magical Mushroom webshop

The following technologies were integrated with Storyblok's CMS:


Why Storyblok?

The Magical Mushroom’s vision was to have a CMS that could run both sides of the operation with very creative website components. In addition, Magical Mushroom wanted to have a solution that would enable the marketing team to run the show on their own, without the need to involve developers much. Cygnet Digital immediately suggested Storyblok. Ziggy Fried (CTO / Director of eCommerce at Magical Mushroom Company®), who had done a lot of research on different CMSs before, was impressed when he was introduced to Storyblok and decided to go with the CMS. He loved how easy it was to set up the website and the shop and the fact that it would be easy to use, especially as the company introduced more team members to the CMS.

Quote from Ziggy Fried, CTO / Director of eCommerce @ Magical Mushroom Company®

  • Everyone involved in this project has been wow-ed by the end result and Storyblok. From a developer’s perspective, it was very easy to set up a quite complicated layout. From the point of view of our Website Manager, being able to see what you are editing in real-time in the Visual Editor is truly impressive.

    Picture of Ziggy Fried
    Ziggy Fried
    CTO / Director of eCommerce @ Magical Mushroom Company®

The Future

The future for Magical Mushroom and Cygnet Digital is no less than magical. The next stage of the project will be dedicated to functionality through Visual Merchandizing Phaze. Here, the goal will be to provide visitors with detailed information on the products in order to grab their attention and ease the process of selling online without the need to have a one-on-one conversation to explain what the company manufactures and sells. By doing so, Magical Mushroom will be able to increase online sales and scale up, which will essentially reduce the cost of production and make the process of saving our planet easier and simpler. Part of the growing process includes expanding internationally and providing content in more languages.

Luckily, with Storyblok and the tech stack in place, Magical Mushroom can achieve all of their future goals. Storyblok is built to scale with any project and allows organizations to grow with pricing that scale as they do. In addition, Storyblok helps organizations deliver localized content whenever needed to satisfy the needs of a global audience.

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