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Immospotter is a modern and fast-growing real estate platform specifically focused on the Austrian market. Our mission is to make finding real estate easy and comfortable, no matter what category or attributes. Our modern search offers you the possibility to filter properties from various sources according to your needs in the shortest possible time and thus to find properties as fast as possible instead of searching for a long time. Through innovative algorithms, duplicates are summarized, and displayed objects are categorized for you using tags.


  • Storyblok is our go-to solution to create flexible, scalable, and maintainable high-performance web solutions. The ease of extendability and their drive to offer the best in the market content management system make them our preferred partner in creating excellent and innovative solutions.

    Lukas Brand

    CEO at Vertex Media
    Lukas Brand
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The Project

In utilizing the vast capabilities and extendability of Storyblok, we made it possible to create a flexible and scalable search filter and various real estate market related content pages that are versatile and easy to to maintain.

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