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A Simple, Intuitive, and Cost-Effective UX in 3 Weeks

  • Headquarters: Cremorne, Australia
  • Technology Stack: Storyblok, Nuxt.js, Vercel, Segment,
3 weeks
To launch
146% ↑
Traffic increase
68% ↑

HelpPay is an Australian profit-for-purpose fintech. They're on a mission to empower those who want to help others with a simple, transparent, and secure bill-payment platform. It also provides fuss-free help to those who need it. Following HelpPay's launch in 2021, it was clear that their website platform needed to evolve.

HelpPay's site was built by Revium, an Australian digital consultancy and a Storyblok Partner. They solve complex business challenges and create engaging experiences. Through a consultative approach, Revium’s team is able to understand the unique challenges of their clients. That same approach was what helped achieve the outstanding outcome for HelpPay. The new site was built with Storyblok in only 3 weeks. It saw a 146% increase in traffic and a 65% increase in engagement.

  • Quote from Rowan Wild, Co-Founder of HelpPay

    We chose Storyblok as our CMS because of its user-friendliness and flexibility. Also, it has the ability to seamlessly integrate with our website, mobile app, and social channels. It allows us to create and manage our digital content in a centralized location, saving us time and resources.

    Rowan Wild
    Rowan Wild
    Co-Founder of HelpPay

Moving from a placeholder-type approach to a fully featured site

HelpPay needed to move from a placeholder-type approach to a comprehensive website. A site that would act as a key tool to drive brand awareness and growth.

The previous site had a very clunky editor experience. It wasn't flexible when it came to creating new content - which HelpPay needed to do quite often. This resulted in delays and a frustrated HelpPay marketing team. So, the following objectives were outlined:

  • Build a modern, informative, and accessible website for HelpPay users, partners, and investors.
  • Select a flexible, cost-effective, and easy-to-use Content Management System (CMS). One that would allow them to build out content and pages themselves.
  • Enable the HelpPay marketing team to drive online growth and awareness.
  • Have a smooth and stress-free transition.

The 3-week-long transformation

Storyblok's CMS was the perfect match for HelpPay's goals. So, in August 2022, Revium began scoping out the key components required to rebuild the HelpPay site on Storyblok. Once these were identified, their development team dove straight into the build using the existing UI designs as a guide.

Revium’s development team utilized Nuxt.js as their development framework. During the build, a key integration of note was the integration with Segment by way of This handles all of HelpPay’s marketing automation workflows.

  • Quote from Chris Newton, Head of Front End Delivery at Revium

    Given the nature of Storyblok as a headless CMS, coupled with the flexibility that the platform offers, we completed our site rebuild in just over 3 weeks.

    Chris Newton
    Chris Newton
    Head of Front End Delivery at Revium

Revium’s team was able to work efficiently on this build. They first focused on completing the content-heavy elements, such as blog pages and post templates. This allowed the HelpPay team to add all the content to the site whilst Revium worked on refining the other components.

  • Quote from Caitlin Merritt, Senior Account Manager at Revium

    The Storyblok User Interface is simple and easy to run clients through. As a result, the marketing team at HelpPay was able to work in parallel with the Revium team to populate content during development.

    Caitlin Merritt
    Caitlin Merritt
    Senior Account Manager at Revium

Onboarding the HelpPay marketing team was very easy as Storyblok's CMS is intuitive and easy to comprehend. As an agency, Revium finds it effortless to run clients through the backend with Storyblok. The ability to play around with the components and pages on the site and see them in real time is what makes the difference.

Storyblok’s role in HelpPay's outstanding new website

  • Quote from Rob Francazio, General Manager of Growth at Revium

    Storyblok, same as Revium, fosters a real partnership with lots of support for us and our clients. This is what helps us deliver the best outcomes.

    Rob Francazio
    Rob Francazio
    General Manager of Growth at Revium

This partnership and the high level of collaboration and mutual support are the main components for success and customer satisfaction. HelpPay’s team was able to experience this firsthand and achieve their goals in an extremely short time frame.

  • Quote from Rowan Wild, Co-Founder of HelpPay

    The platform has exceeded our expectations in terms of its flexibility and integration capabilities. It has made it much easier for us to update and distribute content across our website, mobile app, and social channels. We highly recommend Revium and Storyblok to anyone looking for a reliable and effective CMS.

    Rowan Wild
    Rowan Wild
    Co-Founder of HelpPay

HelpPay succeeded early as the world's first crowd-sourced platform for bill payments. Revium, supported by Storyblok, launched HelpPay to the world. Today, HelpPay are extremely satisfied with the work Revium has done using Storyblok as their CMS:

  • Fast development.
    The right content was available onsite within a remarkable 3-week period to maintain momentum.
  • Stress-free transition.
    The content was populated during development. This helped keep momentum for the marketing team.
  • Easy-to-use CMS.
    With Storyblok's Visual Editor, marketers enjoy an easy content management process. They can play around with the components and pages on the site and see them in real time.

The results from the new platform were astonishing:

  • In less than a month, website traffic increased by an impressive 146%.
  • The onsite content captivated users and kept them engaged. User attention was held, resulting in a 68% increase in time spent on the site and overall engagement.
  • Despite being in its infancy, the number of calls to action tripled, experiencing a 378% increase over the launch period.
  • As this ground-breaking start-up continues, the need to drive things forward remains high. The recent capital raise successfully surpassed the goal, generating over $400K.

One CMS, endless possibilities