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Chopard’s luxurious digital experience for My Happy Hearts

Headquarters: Geneva, Switzerland

Technology Stack: Nuxt.js, Salesforce Commerce Cloud, Cloudinary, TwicPics, Storybook

5 weeks
of data migration
3 months
of project implementation
Components Used

Chopard specializes in crafting luxury and chic jewelry for women. The company turned to Razorfish for help to launch a new platform for their new My Happy Hearts campaign. The project aimed to link Chopard's My Happy Hearts page with the online store. Another need was to create modular solutions for other sub-projects to ensure scalability. It was important to have a user-friendly Content Management System (CMS), offering freedom and flexibility for content creation.

With Storyblok, it was possible to create Chopard’s future-proof tech architecture. To make this happen, the agency linked project details from SalesForce API to matching ones on the website. Additionally, Chopard appreciated Storyblok’s reusable components functionality. Thanks to this, they are ready for future campaigns and product launches. Finally, the Chopard's new website has a luxurious feel. The team achieved the effect using Storyblok's Visual Editor. This allowed the marketers to have more freedom and flexibility when creating content.

Chopard’s Happy Hearts project was ready to launch in 2 months and 1 month of improvements.

  • Quote from Anthony Herrero, Technical Lead at Razorfish France

    Storyblok provided us with a super-efficient interface, ultra-intuitive component reuse, and well-thought-out modular management.

    Anthony Herrero
    Anthony Herrero
    Technical Lead at Razorfish France

Section titled Challenges in Chopard's luxurious experience creation

Chopard needed a website with an outstanding visual performance. Their core customers were mainly at the adult age. A modern and appealing platform was a great way to attract the younger audience.

The biggest challenge was connecting Chopard's campaign page with the online shop. This was to make sure that communication between the two platforms was efficient.

  • It was crucial to redirect customers to the correct products after the campaign overview. Chopard needed to merge product descriptions with their equivalents in eStore. This would strengthen their engagement on the website.
  • The company decided to implement Salesforce. Thus, a new CMS had to offer the possibility of retrieving product information through an API.
  • A new CMS had to be able to correspond with other sub-projects.
  • Chopard's marketers wanted freedom and flexibility in content creation. That's why they needed a CMS with a user-friendly and intuitive UX as well.

Section titled Storyblok helped Chopard sparkle more

The company needed a modular system to handle all the tech stack and components. Storyblok had many features that overlapped with what Chopad needed for their project.

  • Storyblok's API allowed Chopard to connect their campaign page with the eCommerce layer. They linked project descriptions from SalesForce to the matching ones on the project's website.
  • To ensure rich aesthetic experiences, Razorfish implemented such integrations as Cloudinary and TwicPic.
  • Storyblok allowed it to integrate reliable tech stack such as Nuxt.js and Storybook. This made the website responsive and brought its uninterrupted interface.
  • Chopard achieved an amazing visual performance by using Storyblok's Visual Editor. Marketers could upload content with ease and see actions in real-time.
  • Quote from Thomas Rayez, Head of Technology, Razorfish France

    Genuinely, Chopard was focused on presenting their campaigns and products on the website. One of the main objectives of the project was to merge the eCommerce experience into the platform to let parts of the website smoothly correspond to each other.

    Thomas Rayez
    Thomas Rayez
    Head of Technology, Razorfish France

Chopard's My Happy Hearts campaign page

Section titled Razorfish's sharp execution

Chopard especially appreciated Storyblok's reusable components functionality. Reusable blocks made it possible to save content templates. Then, it's possible to transfer them to components. Moreover, the Visual Editor enables marketers to streamline content creation.

Thanks to this, it was possible to be prepared for future campaigns and product launches.

Chopard's Happy Hearts project was ready in 2 months and 1 month of improvements. To build the platform, Razorfish used in total 20 components. Today, 3 digital experience creators use Storyblok to continue with the project development.

Chopard's online store

Section titled Bright and shining future together

Razorfish has already tried our features during a previous project for Renault. The agency knows our functions well and wants to expand with us even further. They plan to use Storyblok's API and add more features to Chopard's eCommerce store.

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