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Storyblok V2 Beta: Update 9

Changes in: app Permalink

In this update of the Storyblok Version 2 Beta we implemented the following improvements:

Design System

Datepicker logic

We've improved the Datepicker's logic so that the user experience is more consistent.

We've updated the Design System's custom fields documentation.


Data source

A data source is simply a collection of key-value pairs (KVP). One specific data source entry is a set of two linked data items: a key, which is a unique identifier for the item of data scoped in the data source, and the value, which is the data that is identified.

Key-value pairs can be used for single choice, multiple-choice options, and as well directly through our API to use them for multi-language labels, categories, or anything similar.

You will find all the features from version 1, now also in version 2 of the app.


Private asset

By default, the assets uploaded in Storyblok are accessible by anyone that has the link to it. Sometimes you want to restrict the access to only logged-in users, make a protected download area or only make the asset available at a specific time. For all that cases you can use the “Private” option at the upload modal to make the assets only available via a specific asset token.

Visit our FAQ for more information on how to create a protected download area.



We have implemented new layouts in the discussions tabs to have tabs between open and resolved discussions, mentioning people as well as things like the multiple messages accordion.

Getting started guide

We have added in V2 a new step-by-step guide to creating new spaces and getting started up quicker! You also get access to quick links to critical documentation guides.

General updates

  • Update Nuxt.js kickstarter project to the latest version

  • Direct link to story via using the Story ID

  • New partner sign up form

Fixed bugs

  • Apps: Fixed some apps in My apps that were not showing anything

  • Design System: Fixed V2 date component format

  • Design System: Fixed Image upload drag&drop not working

  • Design System: Fixed Show code should show the code ready to use

  • Design System: Fixed Date field-type's is not saving the value when clicked outside of the component

  • Design System: Fixed: SbSelect has no style for selected items

  • SDK: Fixed JS send the language parameter to links resolver

  • Editor: Discussion modal issues when in a blok

  • Account: Fixed issues with avatar upload

  • Assets: Asset search was improved