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  • Storyblok V2 Beta: Update 8

    Changes in: app

    In this update of the Storyblok Version 2 Beta we implemented the following improvements:


    App Directory

    We've updated the App Directory for version 2. Now you'll be able to see an overview of apps that can be installed. There's a list of categories, and you can filter the app list by category. It's also possible to see your apps and the installed apps.

    App Details

    We've also updated the App Details screen for version 2.

    You can now see details like: title, screenshot, description, plan availability, author, last updated, website, and icon. You can also see the button to install and uninstall the app.

    Design System

    Design System used with Nuxt

    If you are using the Design System inside a Nuxt application, we have made improvements to make the process of using it easier and much more straight forward.

    Now you don't have to manually import global variables when importing components for design system - global scss variables are now automatically included!

    You can find the updated documentation here.



    We've updated ruby SDK to use V2 API!

    General updates


    • You can now subscribe to a space and change your subscriptions on V2.

    Create project with Next.js

    • You can now kick start your projects with next.js


    • It is now possible to login via SSO on the login page if you have this enabled for your account and organization.


    • We are now offering realtime discussions so you do not miss out. Discuss with your teams immediately.

    • You can now discuss with other members of your team based on the language of the content you are working on. This way you can base discussions on different language variants of a content.

    Fixed bugs

    • Editor: Fixed saving changes in not default language

    • Editor: Animations and transitions were improved

    • Editor: Date component type is returning the same value in V1 and V2

    • SDK: resolve_relations hash access has been fixed

    • Partner portal: The assigned Space selector shows saved options.

    • Editor: Resolved discussion do not appear anymore