Storyblok V2 Beta: Update 5

Changes in: app Permalink

In this update of the Storyblok Version 2 Beta we implemented the following improvements:


With the dimensions app, it's easy to handle different variations of content, for example on folder level translations. You will find all the features from version 1, now also in version 2 of the app.

Storyblok Bridge: Prevent Clicks

We added an option preventClicks to the Storyblok Bridge, you can find the documentation here. If this option is enabled, your Iframe will prevent default event behaviors, like clicking on a link.

Signup and 2FA

This part of the app is not visible on the beta yet, but we already implemented the signup and 2 factor authentication.

UI Improvements

  • Smaller padding on the visual editor frame

  • Showing the name of your space on the browser tab

  • Multi-asset fields can now be reordered via drag controls

Fixed Bugs

  • Various Bugs in the asset detail selection were solved

  • Richtext and Markdown fields were reduced in height

  • The animation on the content sidebar was improved when you navigate between blocks

  • Various problems on the workflow comments were solved

  • The scrolling on the open discussion was improved

  • We had to disable Undo / Redo for now because of performance issues