Pipeline Stages and Releases

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We are proud to announce a new feature we have been working on a very long time and we think it will be very useful for your bigger projects.

What are releases for?

Imagine you want to promote a new collection of sunglasses. You change a teaser on your homepage, add the products to the product overview and create a news entry of the new collection. In the past you would need to remember which content items you changed and publish each item separately. Here comes Storyblok’s “Releases” feature into the play. Prepare all the changes in a release and then publish them with one click or at a specific date.

Content staging releases headless CMS

What are branches for?

With Storyblok’s branches you can setup a content staging workflow. A classical setup for this workflow is to have a staging branch for review and testing and a production branch for your live content. But you can also setup more branches if required.

Branches, with the exception of “Preview”, are read only and each of the branches can have multiple releases and api-keys.

Example: In the following diagram you can see that “Release 3” only exists in the default “Preview” branch and can then be deployed on “Live” before being tested on the “Staging” branch.

Branching model headless CMS

How to activate this feature?

Currently the releases and branches functionality is only available for the “Premium” plans. But if you want to try it out please contact us via the onsite chat and we will activate a trial for you.