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79,000 + developers & marketers use Storyblok's CMS to deliver powerful content experiences on any frontend: Websites, eCommerce, mobile apps, AR/VR or voice content.

Introducing Storyblok

The world's first headless CMS that works for both developers & business users

Here are the facts: A traditional CMS makes it difficult to repurpose content for different platforms. And while other headless systems may be more flexible for developers, their capabilities for editors are still too limited.

Instead, Storyblok offers a unique combination of visual editing tools and highly customizable content blocks for marketers on top of a modern headless architecture that gives developers the flexibility to build fast and reliable digital platforms.

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Storyblok Workflow Animation This animations shows two people messaging in Slack. Then one person goes into Storyblok CMS to update a title on the website. After the update we see an update through the build pipeline, the technology and hosting, until the mobile version is updated. # product Hey Sam, can you please update the main claim to: ‘New Socks from the Blok’ Christel 09:21 AM Sure, consider it done Sam 09:22 AM New APP The user Sam published the Story.!/… Storyblok 09:24 AM BUILD PIPELINE TECHNOLOGY HOSTING Happy Sales: Up to 50% off Publish Homepage Happy Sales: Up to 50% off Headline Subheader Happy Sales: Up to 50% off Cta Hero Block
Workflow visualization of Storyblok

Storyblok for Marketers & Editors

Take control of your content, wherever it goes

Orchestrate, manage and publish your content everywhere. Storyblok helps you turn your visitors into customers by delivering great experiences across all platforms.

Storyblok is a user friendly and powerful headless CMS. The visual editor helps you to build pages with a few clicks and the time to market shrinks dramatically. Storyblok is awesome! Start working with it today and you will see for yourself.

Picture of Philipp Leuenberger
Philipp Leuenberger
Head of B2B Digital Management at UPC Schweiz GmbH
Developer Animation This animations shows a developer console making a request to the Storyblok API. After the request, we see an example respnse with a Storyblok space object. Publish Alison Reviewing Siavash Publishing

Storyblok recognized in Forrester's Now Tech

Catch Storyblok in Forrester's Now Tech: Agile Content Management Systems, Q2 2022 report

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Storyblok for Developers

The first component-based headless CMS

Our unique component-based approach allows you to reuse your well-structured content in the ever-changing world of technology.

Create and nest components without limits, fill them with content, and customize them to your needs. Allow your content team to work independently and use the visual editor to preview changes in real-time. Publish content across any channel using your favorite technology through one of Storyblok's APIs.

Development time for a new, global multi-lingual site is now around 8 weeks. Previously this was 4-6 months.

Picture of Jon Simpson
Jon Simpson
Chief Architect at Education First

Storyblok is by far the most helpful solution for content and layout management, and their Visual Editor is the best one on the market. I integrated the Vue Storefront demo with Storyblok in just a few hours without any prior knowledge.

Picture of Filip Rakowski
Filip Rakowski
CTO at Vue Storefront

In combination with Next.js and Vercel, Storyblok is an amazingly powerful and versatile content platform.

Picture of Guillermo Rauch
Guillermo Rauch
CEO at Vercel
Marketing Animation This animations one person reviewing and one person after that publishing. Then we see an continously animated line through multiple channels: desktop, mobile, commerce, watch. // use the universal js client to perform the request Example Request }) console .log(error) }).catch( error => { console .log(response) .then( response => { Storyblok.get( 'cdn/spaces/me' , {}) } } "name": "Space A" , "domain": "" , "version": 1541863983 "space": { { Example Response

Storyblok is unique

We have everything you need to build better digital experiences

With Storyblok you reduce maintenance time and make content management more efficient. No need to be locked into a traditional CMS for each platform.

Headless CMS explained

Visual Editor

It’s the simplest, yet most powerful editing experience editors & marketers will get.

Bloks icon

Component approach

Nestable content blocks make content management easy even within complex layouts

Workflow icon

Content workflows

Define multiple workflows for your content and deploy only approved changes.


Define your own content localization strategy to serve multiple countries and languages.

API icon


Access your data with powerful APIs: Delivery, Management, and GraphQL.

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Extend Storyblok with apps from our App Store, or even build your own apps

Great results from amazing customers

Marc O'Polo's journey to create content-driven experiences

Read how Marc O'Polo undertook the journey of a complete relaunch - moving from a monolithic architecture to a modern eCommerce setup with Storyblok. Learn how Storyblok is not only used to manage content, but also to maintain promotions, merchandising, shop configurations, and more.

“Storyblok was a perfect fit for us. On the one hand, it was satisfying the developers who wanted to have a nicely structured API-based system, and on the other hand, business users got a really good looking interface with real-time live preview.”

Picture of Johannes De Zordo
Johannes De Zordo
Senior Frontend Developer

Our story

The CMS for digital experiences

Launched in 2015 with just a prototype and a passion to craft, we currently have businesses all over the world using Storyblok to build digital experiences

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79,000 +

developers, marketers, editors and business users

120,000 +

projects created in the last three years


countries served with a remote team & a global partner network

Map Animation This animations shows a world map with animated dots.

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