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The economics of partnering with Storyblok

Ana Ilievska
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One thing is for sure: Partnerships help us grow our businesses - our outreach, product offerings, audiences, and, eventually, our bottom line. But we at Storyblok, being the overachievers we are, wanted to take this idea one step further. How did we do that, you ask? By making it rain for our Partners.

We are extremely grateful and appreciate everything you, our Partners, have done and continue to do to help us grow and become the leader in the content management industry. In return, we give you benefits that bring real monetary value to your businesses in terms of revenue share, marketing budget, free licenses and member spaces, free apps and integrations, and much more. In this article, we break down the gains and savings you enjoy as a Storyblok Solution Partner.

Image: Storyblok making it rain with money

The value of Revenue Share

Storyblok is free for partners to use, however, since your clients will be paying a subscription fee for Storyblok, you, as our Partner, will be entitled to a percentage of the subscription fee, the 'Revenue Share.' So, for every new client subscription created through your Partner Portal, you can get a 10% Revenue Share!

To give you an idea of how much money you can make by selling Storyblok, let’s take a look at a scenario where your client signs up for an Enterprise Plan with Storyblok, which, on average, costs close to $3,300 per month*.
*Disclaimer: This value is an estimated average value and depends on the features included in each plan.

Let us take you through an example of what a Storyblok Solution Partner could make selling with Storyblok. Please note that the modeling is based on estimated average values of our Enterprise Plans and is purely hypothetical, as the dollar values depend on the number of clients and plan features. It is, however, important to note that Storyblok has Certified Partners that have earned this amount of revenue share and more.

Now, for the example, assume a $3,960 annual revenue share per client, which is the average 10% revenue share a Storyblok Partner receives if they sell 1 enterprise license in a year. We invite you to consider sourcing 1 enterprise deal in the first year and then 3 deals per year in the next 2 years. Taking into consideration that an enterprise license is, on average, purchased for 3 years, a Partner can count on receiving revenue share from 7 clients in year 3. Therefore, in year 3, a Storyblok Partner could be earning close to $28,000 in revenue share from Storyblok. In total, for the 3 years, a Partner could make $47,520 from the 7 Storyblok licenses:

Graph that shows Revenue Share for a partner over a period of 3 years

The above graph is based on estimates and the following calculation:
(7 Licenses in Y3) x ($3,960 Revenue Share per license) = $27,720 Total Y3 Revenue Share.

The value of the free stuff

As you know, we like to spoil our Partners with all kinds of free stuff like free developer spaces, free team members, and a free forever license to build your agency website. However, the free stuff has its value, too!

  • Free License: A free forever Business Plan license is given to all of our Partners in order for you to build your agency website with Storyblok. The license’s value is $778 per month when paid annually and details about it can be seen here.
  • Free Dev Spaces: Your team can work on as many projects as they need, free of charge. This can also allow you to be more competitive in pricing for new projects, as you don't have to factor in a license during development.
  • Free Team Members: You, as our Partner, can add as many team members as you’d like within your Partner Portal, free of charge. For reference, adding additional members to a space or spaces would cost $9 per month, per member.

Certainly, economics is not all about money but more about choices and opportunities. This is why we give your whole team the opportunity to develop free spaces and test out the CMS in any way you want and need. We want you to be comfortable with our CMS, which is why we give you the choice to build your own website on Storyblok.

The value of the Co-Marketing Budget

Each Certified Partner can access a $5,000 budget that you can use on co-marketing initiatives to highlight our collaboration. From engaging with the community to co-hosted events to rebranding - we’re here to support you along the way. Moreover, keep your eye on our Exclusive Partner Challenges and get the chance to turn your initial $5,000 fund into much more.

The bottom line

Three things are pretty clear:

  1. We are grateful to have you as our Storyblok Solution Partners, which is why we want to support you in your journey with us in any way possible
  2. We love to spoil our Partners with all kinds of benefits
  3. Most of those benefits bring real monetary value to your businesses

The exact monetary value the above-mentioned benefits bring to you, as our Partners, are difficult to calculate with precision, as they depend on the size of your agency, the projects, the deals, the level of collaboration between us, etc. However, we hope to have incentivized you and made it clear that you have a lot to gain by partnering and building projects with us. We are here to support you and shape the future of digital storytelling with you.