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The complete guide to revenue share

Tarek El Deeb
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So you’ve created your development space, enhanced it with integrations, and you’ve even managed to add a collaborator and license the space as well.

The last thing you need to do is activate your revenue share on your space, so that you can start to receive your additional earnings from the space. Hold on though, what’s revenue share?!

What is revenue share?

One of the many benefits of the Storyblok Partner Program is 'revenue share'. But what is revenue sharing and how does it benefit you?

Revenue share is the means by which you can make additional earnings based on the number of clients you bring to Storyblok. Storyblok is free for partners to use, however, since your clients will be paying a monthly/yearly subscription fee for Storyblok access, you as our Partner will be entitled to a percentage of the subscription fee, the 'revenue share'. Therefore, you will receive revenue share for every new subscription created through your Partner Portal.

For our Partners with Self-Service spaces, we pay the revenue share through Stripe, a leading payment provider, as it allows us to automize subscriptions, recurring invoicing, and payments. As a Partner with self-service spaces, you must have a valid Stripe account linked to your Partner account to begin receiving revenue share based on the clients you have brought in. That's why it’s very important to check if Stripe is available in your country. The revenue share for self-service licenses benefit rules can’t be applied in the APAC and NA regions, because of Stripe limitations. However, it’s still possible to earn revenue share for the Enterprise plan license in APAC and NA.

For Enterprise spaces, once a Partner has sourced a customer with an Enterprise deal, Storyblok will pay the revenue share via wire transfer (no Stripe account needed). Bear in mind that Partners only get revenue share when they are the first touchpoint with the customer, so if you are working on an opportunity, be sure to contact your Dedicated Partner Manager to register the lead. Enterprise customers have the option of signing one, two or three year contracts. Regardless of the length of the contract, the partner receives a 10% revenue share.

Receiving the revenue share

Congratulations! You’ve successfully created your Storyblok Partner account, created your Stripe account, linked them together, and created spaces for your clients. Once your clients commit to our renewable subscription fee, you will receive your revenue share per space created into your Stripe account within 45 days. The table below details the breakdown of the space plans and revenue share percentage per plan.

Space PlansRevenue Share Description
Community10% ongoing revenue share of the customer's subscription fee.
Entry10% ongoing revenue share of the customer's subscription fee.
Business10% ongoing revenue share of the customer's subscription fee.
Enterprise & Enterprise Plus10% ongoing revenue share of the customer's subscription fee.

By the numbers

Your Customer subscription to the Business plan with 10 users is USD 4.932,00 (excl. taxes) per year, when billed annually

From those USD 4.932.00, Stripe will deduct their fee and convert the payment to EUR. From this EUR amount, you will receive 10% right away. Here is the math:

StepsCustomer PaidStripe FeeUSD > EURYour Earning
FormulaUSD 4.932,00-(USD 4.932,00*2.9%+0.30)*0,9*10%
ProgressUSD 4.932,00USD 4.788,67EUR 4.309.80EUR 430,98

It's all about the benefits

Revenue share is one of the many perks of being a Storyblok Partner. It’s an added layer of motivation for ourselves as well as our Partners to bring clients on board. Other benefits of joining our Partner Program include having the ability to add an unlimited number of free staff members to your account that you can use on all of your development and customer spaces, as well as the freedom to create an unlimited number of development spaces. Follow this link for a more detailed breakdown of the revenue share system. If you have any questions or concerns regarding revenue share, how it works or how you can apply for it, please contact the Partner Enablement team on our partner email and we’d love to assist you.